Not one player has dribbled past Victor Lindelof in the Premier League this season

Victor Lindelof has been a near-ever-present in the Premier League for Manchester United this season.

The Swede has played in 21 of 22 games, starting and finishing the full 90 minutes in all of those.

He’s struck up a consistent partnership with summer-arrival Harry Maguire and the two of them have formed the backbone of United’s defence this season.

Whether that’s a good thing or not is up for debate.

The Red Devils have conceded 25 goals in their 22 games – a figure that certainly isn’t spectacular.

Although it is still one of the best records in the Premier League as only Leicester City, Sheffield United and Liverpool can better it.

Still, despite the record, few would have Lindelof down as one of the league’s best centre-halves.

But United’s official Facebook account posted a statistic on Sunday that drew obvious comparisons with Virgil van Dijk, who many would consider the best in the world.

That is the fact that Lindelof hasn’t let one player dribble past him in the Premier League this season.

It’s an eye-catching stat and one that many will remember about Van Dijk last season.

The fact that Van Dijk hasn’t been dribbled past was held up as one of the most notable and impressive stats of last season.

Well, it appears United’s less-than-revered centre-half has managed the same thing a year later.

Will people now hold up Lindelof as one of the finest defenders in the world, an immovable object at the heart of United’s defence?

Probably not. Instead, it probably highlights that the stat isn’t quite as impressive as many – particularly Liverpool fans – thought it was.

While Van Dijk is unquestionably a great defender, the fact players don’t dribble past him maybe isn’t a sign of that.

That or Lindelof is in fact one of the best around – we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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