Women's Sport: Fallon Sherrock reflects on her historic achievements

2020 William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 13

Fallon Sherrock had a meteoric end to 2019 and now she has spoken about her experience.

Her achievement, becoming the first woman to defeat a man at the PDC World Championship then repeating the feat hasn't sunk in yet. Speaking to BBC Sport Sherrock reflected: "Now I feel a bit more proud of myself but I'm in shock about how big it has all got." 

Reflecting on her performance she said: "I feel like I played decently, but I know I can do better. I can't fault my finishing - that was the best I could have done. I know I can score a bit more consistently, so it's nice to have more opportunities to prove myself now."

When it comes to women in darts, Sherrock doesn't see any barriers: "There's nothing I can see that is different between a male and a female throwing darts. You are all throwing darts at the same board and us women can compete with their averages."

For Sherrock, more women should be allowed to take part in the PDC event, currently, there are only two spaces for female players. Sherrock would like four. She said: "That could be the next step. We are not going to be able to jump in and say we want that, we want this. We are a minority at the moment. If we can just get more spaces in the World Championship that would help."

Sherrock recently made headlines again for pulling out of the BDO Women's World Championship for reasons including "unexpected changes" to the championship. She told the BBC: "I love playing in the World Championships. It was a really hard decision for me to make." 

2020 William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 12

"I'm watching it on TV and supportive of everyone who is playing in it, but it was difficult for me to justify." The tournament had reduced the prize money available despite having initially said it would be doubled.

Sherrock has a busy year ahead of her now with exhibition matches and competitions.

Reflecting on her achievements she said: "I feel really proud of myself for helping to put the ladies' game out there. Every game I play now, whether it's an exhibition or on TV, I'm not going to think too much that I have to represent them as that would put so much pressure on myself. I don't do pressure."

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