10 other funny red cards after Fede Valverde's 'tactical foul' for Real Madrid v Atletico


Real Madrid's Fede Valverde is currently the talk of the footballing world.

The reason? Because the Uruguayan midfielder pulled off one of the greatest 'tactical fouls' of all time in the Supercopa final versus Atletico Madrid.

With Alvaro Morata baring down on goal in extra-time, Valverde took one for the team and hacked the striker down just outside the penalty area.

He was duly given his marching orders, with Los Blancos then going on to win the game on penalties.

Even Atletico boss Diego Simeone acknowledged after the game that Valverde was simply taking one for the team.

So with Valverde's comical hack fresh in the mind, we've decided to list 10 other red card incidents that have given us a good ol' chuckle down the years.

1. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Man Utd vs Newcastle, 1998

Let's start off with a 'tactical foul' that may even surpass Valverde's.

The current Manchester United boss did what he had to do to stop Newcastle's Rob Lee from having a clear shot on goal, mercilessly hacking him down just outside the penalty area.

The Baby Faced Assassin was duly sent off, but the best part of the whole incident has to be the standing ovation from the crowd for a red card - stupendous.

2. Youssouf Mulumbu, West Brom vs West Ham, 2013

This will never not be funny.

West Brom's midfield enforcer was visibly unhappy at being fouled with the Baggies losing 3-1 and Gary O'Neil felt the full force of his rage.

But he didn't square up to him, oh no, just like an angry kid on the school playground, Mulumbu picked up the ball and petulantly booted it at the Hammers man.

3. Alex Song, Cameroon vs Croatia, 2014

Most players before they play for their country at a World Cup will be thinking: "don't do anything stupid."

But not Song, because the Cameroonian decided to lash out at Mario Mandzukic in the most comical of manners, aiming at elbow into the back of the Croatian striker.

The memes in the aftermath were absolute gold and it will forever be one of the most bizarre red cards in World Cup history.

One of the many Alex Song memes

4. Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea vs West Brom, 2015

Fabregas has surely never struck the ball cleaner in his entire life.

His pinpoint through balls pale in comparison to this absolute beauty, when he struck Chris Brunt clean on the dome after a little bit of argy bargy between the pair.

Watching the Spaniard casually stroll to the touchline and caress the ball onto Brunt's bonce in front of the referee just gets better with every replay.

5. Steven Gerrard, Liverpool vs Man Utd, 2015

The latter years of Gerrard's Liverpool career were littered with a few bizarre moments.

But only the Englishman's slip against Chelsea pips this moment of madness to top spot, with Gerrard picking up a red card just 38 seconds after coming on at half-time.

Ander Herrera managing to tip him over the edge in under a minute really was masterful s**thousery.

6. Edin Dzeko, Bosnia vs Greece, 2016

Dzeko vs Sokratis Papastathopoulos has to be one of the funniest on-field scuffles of all-time.

The Greek defender tussled with the striker, sparking a furious reaction from the Bosnian striker on the turf.

Dzeko grabs Sokratis' leg, before then deciding to pull his shorts down - you couldn't write this stuff.

7. Javier Mascherano, Argentina vs Ecuador, 2013

The Argentine midfielder has always been a bit of a feisty customer.

However, no one ever expected him to start kicking the driver of a medical buggy while he was being stretched off the pitch.

Yes, it did happen and in his apology after the game, Maschearno claimed the buggy was driving too fast and he was about to fall off.

8. Mario Gjurovski, Muangthong vs TOT Sport Club. 2013

Macedonian midfielder Gjurovski is not a name we expect you to know, but his celebration after scoring for Muangthong a few years back is certainly worth knowing.

After scoring a beautiful chip, he proceeded to take his shorts off and put them on his head to taunt the rival fans.

A red card followed and one of the Thai Super League's most iconic moments was born.

9. Allan McGregor, Rangers vs Hibernian, 2019

When we reported on this incident HERE, it almost beggared belief.

On the eve of an important Old Firm game, Rangers' number one goalkeeper decided to karate kick Marc McNulty in the back.

The cherry on top has to be McGregor feigning injury after lashing out - what on earth was he thinking?!

10. Eden Hazard, Chelsea vs Swansea, 2013

How the ball boy never received an Oscar nomination for his spectacular playacting is beyond us.

Hazard was fuming that the ball boy collapsed to the floor clutching the ball in order to prevent the Blues from restarting the game as quickly as possible.

A kick from the Belgian that probably possessed the power of a light pat on the back followed, leading to the ball boy writhing around in agony.

What a collection!

Picking a favourite is mighty difficult, but Fabregas' pinpoint accuracy is almost impossible to top.

It's childishness of the highest calibre, but to pull off such a cowardly move so perfectly deserves some kind of respect.

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