WWE News: Steve Austin was once so 'blown away' by The Undertaker's entrance he forgot he had a match


The Undertaker's entrance is so captivating that even the WWE superstars waiting to have a match with him in the ring can get lost and blown away in the moment.

That's exactly what happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin when he was working a match with The Phenom during his in-ring days with WWE.

During the Broken Skull Sessions interview with Kane, The Texas Rattlesnake said the smoke and lights of The Undertaker's entrance can make you forget what you're supposed to do in the ring, even in the smallest of arenas.

Austin said, via Ringside News: “We was out there on the damn road somewhere and I don’t remember where we were, but this is when they use to smoke up the entrances that was the only effect we had other than a 20×20 ring and hell, I was working with the Undertaker.”

“I was just kinda catching my groove a little bit and they smoked up the arena and there I was in the ring and here he comes. Nothing near the proportions of what you’ve got here [at WrestleMania].”

“This guy as he’s coming to the ring I’m thinking, you know because we call it all in the ring, we’ve got a finish, but it was all in the ring. So I’m thinking that I’m gonna do this and that and I’m working this and all of a sudden they smoke it up and here he comes and my mind went blank.

"I’m watching that big son of a gun walking to the ring and I’m now thinking, ‘Man what was I gonna do?'

“He comes to the ring and he does the lights and we just started going, but I didn’t know what I was doing because I was so blown away by his presence.”


Even though his brain was frazzled for a moment, The Phenom and The Texas Rattlesnake still probably put on a great match in the middle of the ring that night.

Austin's reaction to The Undertaker's entrance shows that even some of the best in WWE history are blown away by arguably one of the best characters WWE has ever created.

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