The Rock once hit a 'piledriver' on a classmate following school disagreement

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He is one of the most iconic names in the history of professional wrestling, but The Rock has revealed on social media that he began using some moves long before he officially started training.

The real-life Dwayne Johnson was severely reprimanded in his younger days after 'piledriving' a classmate, he has revealed. 

Johnson grew up in a wrestling family. Both his father (Rocky Johnson) and grandfather ("High Chief" Peter Maivia) were professional wrestlers.

The wrestling industry at that time was divided into territories, meaning that each wrestling promotion would operate within its own geographical area - with performers often moving between promotions in order to keep matches and storylines fresh.

This continual movement, however, meant that performers would have to relocate their families on a regular basis. As a result of this, Johnson would have to frequently move schools in his teens - and would often start each new school with the reputation of being a "wrestler's son" preceding him.

Despite its scripted nature, professional wrestlers notoriously dislike the use of the word "fake" to describe what they do in the ring. This rang even more true back in Johnson's youth - where performers would go out of their way to protect the legitimacy of the sport, keen to ensure that they continued to attract the paying public to matches.

Johnson was therefore highly protective of his family's line of work - and the 10-time world champion was seemingly not shy of getting a little physical to make his point.

In a comment on one of his Instagram posts, Johnson was asked to confirm a story in which he had body slammed one such doubter. 

"My buddy Dave Racci went to Hamden High with you and he said a guy said wrestling was fake to you and you body slammed the kid..... You're the man D," commented a user on the social media platform.

Kevin Hart Hand And Footprint Ceremony At the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX

Johnson, 47, soon ratified the story, but corrected it slightly - insisting that he had used a 'piledriver' instead of a body slam on the day in question.

"Ah yes, unfortunately that's a true story. His name was Randy E and I piledrived him on the gym floor and got in huge trouble."

Fortunately for Johnson, that trouble is long forgotten.

Having earned an eye-watering $89.4 million in 2019, according to Forbes, Johnson looks set for further success after confirming a new television show based on his early life titled "Young Rock" - and the aforementioned 'piledriver' incident would no doubt make a great scene in that series.

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