WWE News: R-Truth makes Brock Lesnar corpse during hilarious segment on Raw

Brock Lesnar and R-Truth shared the ring on Raw and produced comedic excellence

When Brock Lesnar appears on Monday Night Raw nowadays, fans can expect the same Paul Heyman promo where he talks about how dominant his client is and that he's going to conquer everything in WWE.

But when something different happens like it did last night, it shows just how entertaining the Beast Incarnate can be when he mixes it up with the lower-card talent.

As Heyman was giving his regular sermon and telling the crowd in Lexington how Lesnar was going to win the Royal Rumble, the duo were confronted by none-other than R-Truth.

The 24/7 Champion is one of the most popular superstars on the roster, and what came out of the next 10 minutes was absolute gold.

Truth's original point of coming out was to declare himself for the 2020 Royal Rumble match, and it wasn't long before the WWE Champion Lesnar was 'corpsing' (laughing when he's not supposed to) at everything Truth was saying.

And when Truth told Paul Heyman of all people that he's a big, big, BIG man but he will go flying over the top rope, Lesnar completely lost it, whice made the fans lose it!

R-Truth provided some hilarious moments during his segment with Brock Lesnar

Heyman went on to call Truth 'bong-hit', and after realising that it was Lesnar who was in the match and not his advocate, the 24/7 Champion then 'officially undeclared' himself from the Rumble.

The best was yet to come - as Truth explained his reasoning for undeclaring was that he didn't want Brock to take him to 'Sioux Falls City'.

Brock Lesnar couldn't help but laugh at R-Truth during his segment

Even when Lesnar tried to intimidatingly go face-to-face with Truth, he couldn't stop giggling when Truth asked him 'What's up?', but he did eventually get into serious mode and drop him with a Clothesline and an F5.

Lesnar even dropped a 'That's what's up' on Truth as he was prone on the canvas - and moments later Mojo Rawley jumped Truth to pin him for his 24/7 Title - but the less said about that the better.

This segment proved that when Lesnar shows a bit of personality, the fans can really take to him and it does make some forget that he hardly ever shows up on WWE programming.

It was definitely an early contender for 'Segment of the Decade' though - more of this please, WWE!

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