WWE News: Buddy Murphy joins Seth Rollins' stable during Monday Night Raw main event

Seth Rollins accepts Buddy Murphy into his stable

Buddy Murphy had an incredibly active night on Monday Night Raw in Lexington, and he may have ended it in the most promising position of them all.

In the last month, the Australian has become embroiled in an exciting feud with Aleister Black, as they've continued to try and get one over on each other.

The initial match at Tables, Ladders and Chairs saw Black pick up the victory, and in the final episode of Raw in 2019, the same outcome occurred.

They went at it one more time on Raw last night, and quite shockingly, Murphy appeared to kick out of the Black Mass finishing manoevre.

Except that wasn't supposed to happen - the referee actually botched the count as he thought Murphy had got a shoulder up, when in reality he moved his leg and not his shoulder.

Black looked raging with the referee, but he followed it up with another Black Mass to Murphy for a third straight win against the Aussie, who ended up sitting at ringside for the next two segments looking disconsolate.

There was a point to it though, as he had a major part to play in the main event of the evening.

The AOP, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins go at it in the Fist Fight main event

That main event was the 'Fist Fight' between Seth Rollins and the AOP against Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and Big Show, where the referee would decide when a team could not continue.

With Team Rollins struggling, the 'Monday Night Messiah' asked Murphy - still sitting at ringside - for assistance, and it came at the most needed time, with Big Show about to finish off Rollins.

Murphy entered the ring and hit Big Show with a low-blow, then helped Rollins throw him through a table that was stacked in the corner of the ring.

Still not enough to keep the World's Largest Athlete down though, AOP then Powerbombed him from the top rope, before a Stomp finally convinced the referee to call the match off.

Rollins embraced Murphy post-match, officially welcoming him into the fold as part of his new stable, which could end up running riot in 2020.

A move into the main event scene could see a whole new bunch of opportunities open up for Murphy, and it could mean a very big 12 months for him as he aligns himself with the top heel on Monday nights.

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