WWE News: Paige criticises Triple H following an insensitive joke he made about her

Former WWE superstar Paige

Triple H probably didn't expect an off-the-cuff remark that he made this past weekend to cause this much of a stir.

The Game was in the UK to oversee the latest edition of NXT UK TakeOver in Blackpool, and as ever he gathered with the British media to discuss all things WWE.

When pressed on the speculation surrounding both Edge and Paige's potential returns to the ring, the Cerebral Assassin pointed out that Edge in particular has a young family and that stepping back into the squared circle if he gets cleared may not be the wisest move.

As for Paige, Triple H jokingly commented that she probably has some kids that she 'doesn't know about', which gained a few laughs from his audience.

WWE COO Triple H made some unsavoury remarks about Paige during a press junket with the UK media

Not only did it not make much sense, as if Paige did have children, she would definitely know about them, but it was also seen by fans as mocking her choices outside the ring - having been at the centre of leaked sex tapes in 2017.

Eventually the Brit caught wind of the comments, and her Tweet tells you all you need to know about what she thinks of her boss making fun of her.

It's hard to tell how serious someone is being through a post on social media, but Paige's boyfriend Ronnie Radke added further fuel to the fire, as he stated that Paige had been crying over the comments made.

If true, it's not nice to read and it shows that the comments were made in poor taste, regardless of whether or not it was just a harmless joke made by Triple H.

Members of the WWE roster have leapt to the defence of Paige, including Renee Young, Nia Jax and Nikki Bella - the former who looked as though she was directly criticising Triple H.

With the backlash he has received, HHH may end up having to issue a public apology to the offense he's caused, and that's the least Paige deserves for the mocking and hurt that's come from the comments.

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