Stephen Maguire flukes the 'most amazing shot in the history of snooker'

The Dafabet Masters - Day Four

It's not often that you see snooker in the news for a trick shot that wasn't meant to happen. Today is an exception to that.

Yesterday, Scottish snooker player Stephen Maguire managed to hit what some people are calling the greatest fluke of all time, or as commentator Steve Davis put it, 'the most amazing shot in the history of snooker.'

In the incredible clip, you can see that Maguire lines up a shot, looking to pot a red in the bottom right pocket of the table.

It appears that the Scotsman put way too much power on the ball, sending the red ball flying towards the corner, and bouncing right back out.

However, the ball didn't stay out.

When it bounced back onto the table, it had such an insane amount of backspin on it, it simply rolled right back into the pocket which Maguire had been aiming for. 

Overwhelmed by the incredible fluke, the 'Milton Mangler' started celebrating, not realising that the white ball had clipped the jaw of the middle pocket and started on a journey to the other end of the table, only to pot itself in the top right hand corner, ending in a foul.

Maguire's opponent Neil Robertson was left with his jaw hanging open in shock for a solid 10 seconds, with even the referee finding it hard to contain himself.

The crowd erupted in a confused mixture of laughter, shock and applause as Maguire made his way back to his seat with a smug look on his face.

Clearly, the shot was a massive fluke, but that won't stop Maguire from owning it forever now, and it'll no doubt take a very long time for anyone to top that shot at this professional level in snooker. 

He ended up winning the game against Robertson, so the foul won't be sticking around in the back of his head any longer than it needs to.

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