Barcelona insert 'anti-Pique' clause into new contracts due to centre-back's off-field activities

Barcelona have taken action after growing frustrated by Gerard Pique’s entrepreneurial pursuits.

The centre-back has been heavily involved in his work off the field over the past few years, including helping to revamp tennis’s Davis Cup competition and purchasing a controlling stake in Andorra FC.

According to ABC, Pique’s behaviour has angered senior figures at Barcelona who are worried that his priorities have shifted from football.

And so to prevent new signings from becoming too involved in other ventures, Barcelona’s contracts will include an ‘anti-Pique’ clause which curbs non-footballing commitments.

Barcelona were upset when Pique disappeared after the Spanish Super Cup in 2018.

The Spaniard, 32, was contacted by Ernesto Valverde after leaving for Orlando without permission. Pique told his manager that he would miss just one day of training.

The defender played a major role in the launch of the World Cup of Tennis and his business acumen is such that he’s even been tipped to take charge of Barcelona one day.

Joan Laporta was the club’s president from 2003 to 2010 and when speaking about his potential return to the position, he told RAC1 in December: “If I [become president], it wouldn’t be bad if Gerard Pique followed me as president because I see him as an ideal person.

“He knows the club, he’s a Barcelona fan, he’s a player, the best centre-back in the history of Barcelona, and he has character and the will to work. He’s shown that he’s ready.”

The Blaugrana are also hoping to have greater control of the social media accounts of their players.

The club are determined to protected its own image following a number of mishaps, including Pique’s tweet suggesting that Neymar was going to stay at the Camp Nou just days before he signed for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017.

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