WWE News: Rusev has indicated that he will become a Free Agent in the near future

WWE superstar Rusev

Whilst they may be a real-life couple, Rusev and Lana have been at war on our television screens since September 2019 - and it seems like WWE fans can't get enough of it.

Despite backlash on social media, the segments between the pair and Bobby Lashley continuously get the most views on YouTube every week, and according to Lana, her wedding on the final episode of Raw last year was the 'highest-rated segment of the year'.

Whilst that may or may not be true, the numbers online and the metrics suggest that she may not be far off, and who knows how long this storyline might last, with Liv Morgan now added into the mix.

You'd think that being a real-life couple, Rusev and Lana would want to stick together on-screen, but they accepted a storyline to have them split up, and they may be working in different companies soon enough.

Despite their feud on WWE television, Rusev and Lana are very much together in real-life

Lana signed a new five-year contract with WWE at the back end of 2019, but there was no news on Rusev's status, with his deal apparently set to expire in 2020.

All that was reported was WWE were in the process of negotiating a new contract with the Bulgarian Brute, but it was unclear as to whether he was going to sign it or not.

Well it looks like he's given a clear indication as to where his future lies, and if he's not trolling - it's not with WWE.

Rusev yesterday changed his bio on Twitter to read 'soon to be free agent', which obviously sent the rumour mill into complete overdrive.

Rusev's latest bio change sent fans into a frenzy

Now he may have just done this to wind everyone up and get websites like us to write about it, but with no news coming out about him staying or leaving, anything could be happening behind the scenes.

After people noticed what was in his bio, Rusev soon updated it to 'add a bio to your profile', perhaps proving he was in full trolling mode.

It wouldn't be a complete shock to see Rusev leave, after all his booking hasn't been great over the last year or so, but will he really leave WWE and his wife (not literally) for pastures new?

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