Nike's new Phantom Venom boots are inspired by the legendary Total 90's from 2002

Nike's new limited edition Phantom Venom boots

Has there ever been a better piece of footwear than Nike Total 90's?

No, no there hasn't. The brand was first introduced by the manufacturer in 2000 and some of the trainers and football boots produced are the stuff of legend.

If you had a pair on the school playground, you were probably putting the ball top bins at every single opportunity - they just made you a better player.

Before the 2002 World Cup, Nike released the Air Zoom Total 90 II and the likes of Francesco Totti, Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos all donned them on the pitch at the tournament.

The classic Nike Total 90's Figo donning his Total 90's

It was the golden era of football boots and Nike are now looking to revive those halcyon days by creating a new cleat which is heavily based on the classic Total 90 design.

As per Footy Headlines, Nike will be releasing limited edition Phantom Venom boots in the spring of this year and they look absolutely stunning.


Nike's new limited edition Phantom Venom boots

Ah the memories. Don't they just take you back to the days of watching the 2002 World Cup in your school assembly hall and then trying to be Ronaldo or Rivaldo out on the playground?

The report from Footy Headlines states that the boots will cost around $250, which is pretty steep.

However, for boots that beautiful, hordes of people will no doubt cough up the cash.

Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney had football fans desperate to for Total 90's to be brought back after he was spotted wearing a pair with Everton in 2017

The boots had been discontinued, so Rooney was clearly going through his wardrobe that morning and started feeling rather nostalgic.

A truly stunning boot!

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