WWE News: Andrade targets match with Cain Velasquez after Rey Mysterio feud is over

Cain Velasquez with WWE legend Rey Mysterio

WWE FINALLY decided to do something with Andrade just days before the year of 2019 and the decade was over.

It was almost a late Christmas present if you will, as on December 26 at the iconic Madison Square Garden, 'El Idolo' took the United States Championship away from the legendary Rey Mysterio.

It's not the first time that WWE have shot an angle or had a title change happen at a live event in the last couple of years, and fans inside MSG seemed genuinely surprised that Andrade dethroned the Master of the 619.

The two have been showing what amazing chemistry they have together in the ring since 2018, and the WWE Universe seemingly can't get enough of their matches.

Andrade prevailed in a rematch last week for the title, but just six days before the Royal Rumble, they will go at it yet again - maybe for the final time - but in this instance it'll be a high-stakes Ladder match.

Whilst people wouldn't mind seeing them go at it for all of 2020, Andrade will no doubt move onto other challengers in the coming weeks and months.

Andrade and Rey Mysterio have carved out a storied feud with each other since 2018

And he's seemingly called out a potential new challenger for his belt at a special Q&A session for BT Sport employees in the UK earlier today.

Andrade told the panel that he wants to take on former UFC champion and current WWE superstar Cain Velasquez once he's done with Mysterio - and it just so happened that Velasquez was sitting a few seats down from him.

Velasquez hasn't been seen on television since his quick loss to Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel last October, but surely a return to the ring is coming very soon indeed.

And considering Velasquez's stint so far has been intertwined with Mysterio's rivalry with Brock Lesnar, it would be fitting that he next faces a man who has also been tormenting Rey.

Despite not getting to do much against Lesnar, we know what Cain can do in the ring, having seen clips of his two matches in Lucha Libre AAA earlier in 2019.

Putting him against Andrade could possibly be one of the best options right now - and it may very well bring out the best in Velasquez.

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