Twitch have banned Impact Wrestling from streaming due to Rob Van Dam's sex celebration

Rob Van Dam

If you haven't been following the recent movements of wrestling legend Rob Van Dam, where on earth have you been?

Now 49 years of age, Van Dam has found himself back in Impact Wrestling, known back in the 2000's as TNA Wrestling, after leaving in 2013.

Since October, RVD has been a no f**ks given-type heel, and he loves to put his personal life on-screen.

His partner is fellow wrestler Katie Forbes, who made her Impact debut in the same month that RVD's character turned.

Around that same time, Van Dam took to social media and announced that he was in a 'throuple', where he, Forbes and another woman named Jennifer were all dating each other.

He's now brought both relationships to Impact Wrestling, as he celebrated his victory over Brian Cage at their latest special event - Hard To Kill - with both women.

On a bed filled with rose petals, RVD embraced both Forbes and Jennifer, who were both wearing very little, and there was lots of whipped cream involved [if you want to see the video, it is here].

Rob Van Dam is seemingly the reason as to why Impact Wrestling have been banned from Twitch

The final scene of the video shows RVD with cream on his face, drinking champagne from the bottle and both women under the covers, where you are supposed to believe they're performing a sexual act on Van Dam.

There's not been anything like that in mainstream wrestling since Edge and Lita's live sex celebration in 2006, and Impact's official streaming partner - Twitch - have reacted by banning them from the service.

So if Impact fans don't have cable television and they could only watch the show via Twitch, they are about to lose some viewers - and it's all thanks to RVD.

No doubt it will bring more attention to the promotion, and as the old saying goes - any publicity is good publicity - but Twitch is absolutely HUGE and it could do more harm than good to lose them.

But if RVD's character isn't toned down, then Twitch may never be back, and that may cause a huge problem for Impact.

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