WWE News: Kane returns to SmackDown and helps Daniel Bryan take down The Fiend

The Fiend eyes up Kane on SmackDown

When WWE announced in advance that Kane would be appearing on SmackDown from Greensboro, there was the feeling that he was going to announce something big.

His announcement wasn't ground-breaking or shocking, but he made a statement - and then helped one of his long-time friends against his enemy.

The Big Red Machine almost declared himself for the Royal Rumble in eight days time - a match where he had the most eliminations in a single bout in 2001 with 11 - but he was interrupted by a special episode of the Firefly Funhouse.

A throwback was aired to Wyatt's first main roster feud with Kane in 2013, where the two battled in a 'Ring of Fire' match at SummerSlam, which Wyatt won.

But he still 'never forgets', and moments later, The Fiend appeared as he ripped a hole in the ring canvas, and had a tense stare-down with a legend.

But before he could get his hands on Kane, Daniel Bryan appeared and hit a running knee to his enemy, showing The Fiend as vulnerable for perhaps the very first time.

Daniel Bryan attacks The Fiend on SmackDown

As Wyatt's alter-ego scarpered back through the canvas and underneath the ring, Bryan managed to take one of his dreadlocks for himself, just like The Fiend tore his hair out months ago.

The two will go one-on-one again next weekend at the Royal Rumble, and the stipulation has been made official - Bryan put down the challenge and it is now a 'Strap match' for Wyatt's Universal Championship.

That basically means that both men will be connected by a strap so they can't get away from each other, and it means a lot of pain and punishment will be dished out.

As for Kane, we can reasonably assume that he will appear in the Rumble match - and you could even go as far as making a match between him and The Fiend at the next Saudi Arabia show in February, which still hasn't been confirmed.

Nevertheless, it was a welcome cameo by Kane, and it was one that the fans in attendance seemingly enjoyed, and we can expect to see him in Houston next weekend.

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