Jurgen Klopp recalls his reaction meeting Sir Alex Ferguson for the first time


Will Jurgen Klopp be the man to knock Manchester United off their perch? 

It's a mission that was once in the reverse until Sir Alex Ferguson vowed to overtake Liverpool as the most successful team in English history. 

That feat was finally accomplished in 2013, one final high before the legendary Scot bowed out and United came crashing back down to earth.

Fast forward a few turbulent years and the current pace-setters are 16 points clear - a staggering 27 ahead of United - and easily on course for title number 19. 

Once Jordan Henderson has lifted the trophy, Klopp's side will be just one behind United's record.

Yet their manager is not one to get carried away with the adulation that has enveloped him over the past two seasons, warning he won't be able to achieve anywhere near the success Ferguson enjoyed across the north-west. 

"To be honest, I don't think it is possible to get to their level of dominance ever again," Klopp told a press conference.

"Football changed completely, the power of different clubs changed completely." 


When Arsene Wenger left Arsenal in 2018, it seemed the last truly 'long-haul' manager had departed, so the notion of any coach emulating Ferguson is an unlikely one. 

The 78-year-old's place in history as the greatest ever is secure and remains enough to bowl over the current pack. 

Klopp recalls being so overwhelmed when he met Ferguson for the first time he couldn't help but use an expletive. 

“When I met him first it was, ‘Alex Ferguson’ with another word in the middle," he said, per the Mirror.

"It was unbelievable! I was a very young manager at Dortmund who had never met him before and from the first second we had a super conversation.


“I needed 20 minutes to get used to his Scottish accent, but then I was in. We had a super conversation and from that moment on we were in contact.”

Last year, Klopp put himself forward as a prize in an auction for Ferguson's fundraiser, an evening designed to give back to the NHS after the former United manager's life-saving brain surgery in 2018. 

The pair's friendship also means the red carpet will be rolled out for him when he visits Anfield as a VIP guest on Sunday.

At the very least, he'll enjoy a better afternoon than United's players are expected to on the pitch. 

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