WWE News: John Morrison botches Starship Pain in his first WWE match in nearly nine years

John Morrison celebrates his victory on SmackDown

Recently, Friday nights have felt a bit like 2011 all over again as SmackDown has gone on a bit of a nostalgia trip.

First, Sheamus appeared in return vignettes sporting his original haircut from his 2009 debut, abandoning his mohawk that he sported for nearly five years.

Then at Tables, Ladders and Chairs last month, Daniel Bryan came back from a couple of weeks off with a buzz cut, chopping off the long locks that made him a bonafide star.

And in the first episode of SmackDown in 2020, John Morrison made a very low-key return after nearly nine years away from WWE, appearing backstage in The Miz's locker room after he had snapped on Kofi Kingston.

Morrison established himself as a heel last week, and confirmed his alliance with The Miz had been renewed during an episode of Miz TV, and it made a big change from a returnee coming back via the Royal Rumble.

We didn't have to wait long to see Morrison back in action, as he was given an opportunity to strut his stuff against one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions this week - Big E.

Morrison was his usual athletic, high-flying self, and he pulled out all the old moves he used to do in his latter days of his first stint with WWE - we even got the slow-motion entrance!

John Morrison battled with Big E on SmackDown this week

But in true heel fashion, Morrison was assisted by The Miz as he pulled his partner out of the way, with Big E ready to Spear him through the ropes.

Morrison then landed a kick and a shining wizard to his opponent and then took to the skies for his patented finishing move - the Starship Pain.

What happened next though wasn't pretty - Morrison hit the move to claim the victory, but it barely connected and it made it look like a weak end to the match.

He's hit a lot better Starship Pain's than that, and maybe we can forgive him this time as it'll have been the first one he's hit in a while - the first for WWE in nearly nine years anyway!

There are some fans being uber-critical of the move itself, saying that it is one of the 'worst finishers' in WWE, but that's perhaps being too harsh.

It looks like Morrison and The Miz though are being pushed towards the Tag Team Championships, which isn't the worst idea WWE have had, that's for sure!

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