Newcastle's Matt Ritchie kicks corner flag into a fan's crotch while celebrating Chelsea winner


Newcastle United winger Matt Ritchie is known for his hatred of corner flags.

The 30-year-old’s trademark celebrating involves kicking the flag. He’s done it for years and is showing no signs of stopping.

Indeed, Ritchie did it as he celebrated Newcastle’s winner against Chelsea on Saturday.

Steve Bruce’s side scored in the 94th minute through Isaac Hayden’s header to secure an important 1-0 win.

Ritchie’s poor corner was cleared but Allan Saint-Maximin returned the ball into the box and it was met by Hayden, who glanced it beyond Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The celebrations were wild, as fan footage shows.

Hayden darted towards the corner flag and his teammates followed.

That included Ritchie, who smashed the flag in typical frustration.

And such was the force on the kick that the flag went into the celebrating crowd - and struck one unfortunate fan in the crotch.

Twitter user @greener_josh has posted footage of the fan bent over in agony.

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Newcastle fans should brace themselves whenever they see Ritchie darting towards the corner flag after a goal.


His trademark celebration is so iconic that The Athletic wrote a piece headlined: ‘Corner flags beware: Radgie Ritchie – "the angry wee b******" – is back’ this week.

“Ritchie came into this world with an irrational hatred of corner flags,” the article, penned by George Caulkin, reads.

“If you happen to be a corner flag, then Ritchie will seek you out and hunt you down and chances are, he will administer the kicking of your corner flag existence.

“And if you dare to substitute Ritchie, well… just ask a corner flag how it feels to be on the wrong end of his wrath.

“Hell might be hot but this man’s splenetic indignation is purest magma.”

It may just be time for Ritchie to switch things up. He’s a hazard to Newcastle fans whenever he celebrates.

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