WWE News: Bray Wyatt breaks character to discuss important message about mental health


Bray Wyatt is arguably the most over superstar in the entire WWE right now, and it looks like he's using his platform and status to spread an important message about mental health.

Bray Wyatt has really bounced back in the WWE over the past year, as the introduction of 'The Fiend' gimmick has drastically increased his popularity with fans.

Now as Universal Champion, Wyatt has decided to use his platform to spread an important message about mental health on his Instagram account.

Wyatt discussed how thoughtless comments on social media can affect people and how his loved ones and his success are the only exits he has from his mental health.

He said: "You are stale. They ruined you. He is boring. I hate his matches. My life is art. My art's successes and my loved ones are the only exit I have from my mental health.

"You have no idea how much a simple, thoughtless comment on social media can directly affect the person you are sending it to. With great power comes great responsibility.

"The negativity in our world is astonishing. And mental health is at an all-time decline. Be better.... it could save a life. They saved mine. I love you JoJo I love you kids I love you Mom"

Wyatt rose above the hate he received on social media in 2019 to become Universal Champion and one of WWE's most popular superstars heading into 2020 thanks to his talent and hard work.

The Fiend and The Firefly Fun House were a hit with fans straight from the get-go, which caused WWE to push Wyatt to the top of the card within months of his reintroduction.

The Fiend defeated Seth Rollins in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia at the end of October to become Universal Champion for the first time in his career.


Wyatt will defend the title as The Fiend once more vs Daniel Bryan in a Strap Match when the Royal Rumble takes place next weekend on Sunday.

2020 should continue to be a big year for The Fiend, no matter what happens at the Royal Rumble next week.

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