WWE exclusive: Kurt Angle on Colby Covington using his entrance music in UFC


Kurt Angle's entrance music is iconic. 

He'll never be able to walk into a WWE arena again without thousands of fans screaming 'YOU SUCK!' at the Hall of Famer. 

Of course these days, it's chanted more out of admiration than anything else. But there was a time where the American Hero was one of wrestling's top heels and the heat was real. 

Talking of real heat, UFC star Colby Covington is someone who has embraced that throughout his career in the Octagon. 

So much so, that he's even used Angle's famous entrance music for a couple of his walkouts. 

When it first happened for Covington's fight against Robbie Lawler, the crowd did their part and chanted 'YOU SUCK!' as he made his way to the Octagon. 

It seems that despite his UFC 'supervillain' persona, everything about 'Chaos' using Angle's music was above board - and he even spoke to the WWE legend before doing it.

"I knew he was going to do it. He called to ask if he could. I had to get clearance from WWE," Angle revealed in an exclusive interview with GIVEMESPORT. 

Covington has used Angle's entrance music twice before

"He’s a great fighter. I didn’t get to attend his fights but he used my music twice.

"I told him I’d try to make the second fight but I couldn’t due to my schedule. He’s a great fighter and it’s pretty cool he uses my music." 

Who knew Angle was such a big fan of Covington? But, would he let anyone else in UFC use his music? 

Angle is a big fan of Covington

"Yeah, it’s a pretty cool tune and fans like chanting ‘YOU SUCK!’ so somebody else that’s very widely hated would be able to use it." 

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