Google Maps directs to Manchester City's Etihad Stadium when you search 'empty seats'


We all know the jokes about Manchester City by now. 

They're a plastic club with plastic fans that can't sell-out their stadium, right? 

That's what rival supporters want you to think, at least. 

Actually, it seems whoever's in charge at Google Maps rather likes that joke too.

If you type the words 'empty seats' into the online mapping service, it will take you straight to the Etihad Stadium. 

Don't believe us? Check out some proof below. 

Google Maps likes to troll Man City

Isn't that hilarious? Well, it is if you're not a Man City supporter. 

No matter how much has changed, the club just can't seem to shake the stigma of a 'plastic' fanbase - even though this season's gate receipts would suggest otherwise. 

City's average home attendance in the Premier League so far has been 54,386. The Etihad's capacity is 55,017, meaning the stadium is usually 98.9% full. 

The Etihad Stadium has actually been very full this season

So, is the 'Emptyhad' swipe a little outdated? We certainly think so. Only seven other teams in the Premier League are averaging a higher percentage of attendance. 

But, City have been letting themselves down in the Champions League a bit this season. 

They have failed to sell out some of their group games - notable against Dinamo Zagreb and Atalanta.

To make things worse, they were mocked after it was reported the club tried to get social media 'influencers' on-board to promote European games. 

Man City's Champions League attendance hasn't been great

That's certainly not a good look. Of course, Manchester United fans will continue to push the narrative that City's fanbase is plastic. 

After all, Old Trafford is regularly packed out, despite the fact that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side are struggling in fifth. 

Having a bigger fanbase might be the only thing United fans can hold over their rivals at the moment. 

Man United have a bigger fan base

It will also be interesting to see how long Google Maps will continue to mock City with the 'empty seats' search result too.  

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