WWE News: Charlotte Flair says she has the highest losing record out of anyone in WWE


Charlotte Flair is one of the most underappreciated superstars in WWE today, as many fans believe she is booked too strongly.

However, when you take a look at her win-loss record from 2019, it tells a completely different story, and The Queen wants everyone to know about it.

According to Cagematch, Flair wrestled in 139 matches in 2019, but she won only 35 of those matches, losing 100 matches, and drawing four matches.

A lot of these losses came during house shows, as the 10-time women's champion had a 19-20-1 in matches on television and pay-per-view.

Speaking to Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda, Flair cut an emotional promo about how she believes there is a stigma behind her booking.

She said: "Ok, are you ready for a promo? Here is my exclusive promo. If you look at my stats, I have the highest losing record out of anyone on the roster. I think a detriment to me, which is also a positive, is that I am consistent. I am consistent. I am never hurt and I am always here.

"It's almost like, yes that is awesome, but at the same time I've never had the opportunity for the fans to miss me because I'm always here. That's what people forget.

"Yes, I won a match this week and they're like, 'Oh she wins [all the time].' But that's not been the case. Actually, I've lost more matches than any female booked currently. It's crazy.

"I think with the stigma of the [Flair] name always being in the title picture… but like I said, I'm consistent and a workaholic. It's a good thing but it's a bad thing."


So far in 2020, Flair has wrestled in six matches, winning four of them and losing the other two. She has a 2-0 record in matches on television.

The Queen has a 55.7% winning record out of 853 recorded matches throughout her career, but it looks like she is starting the new year strong.

The 10-time women's champion was the first superstar to declare for the women's Royal Rumble, so perhaps 2020 could be a more positive year for her when it comes to her win-loss record.

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