WWE ranks the 10 loudest pops in history of the Royal Rumble


The Royal Rumble is just a couple more days away, and there's bound to be a few surprise entrants in both the men's and women's Royal Rumble matches.

Whenever a Royal Rumble takes place, there's always a couple of superstars who make unexpected appearances in the match, and they usually receive a huge pop by the live crowd.

WWE has compiled together a list of ten of the loudest pops in Royal Rumble history.

Several big names are included on the list including Goldberg, Triple H, AJ Styles, and the current Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Here are WWE's top 10 loudest pops in Royal Rumble history, with a breakdown of the top five pops.

10 to 6

10.Goldberg (2017)

9. Roddy Piper (2008)

8. Rob Van Dam (2009)

7. Diesel (2011)

6. Triple H (2016)

5. Trish Stratus (2018)


WWE needed to make a big impact in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble in 2018, and they achieved that by bringing back Trish Stratus. She received a fantastic pop when she made her entrance.

Stratus' participation in the Rumble was her first match in WWE in almost seven years, entering the match at number 30. She scored three eliminations against Nia Jax, Mickie James, and Natalya before being thrown over the top rope after reaching the final five by Sasha Banks.

4. Bubba Ray Dudley (2015)


In front of a home ECW crowd in Philly, Bubba Ray Dudley had his first match in WWE in 10 years when he returned to the company at the Royal Rumble in 2015 to a huge pop.

Bubba entered the match at the number three spot and managed to eliminate The Miz and R-Truth before he was eliminated by Bray Wyatt.

3. Becky Lynch (2019)


Becky Lynch was a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble last year, as she had already competed earlier in the night against Asuka.

The Man made her entrance at the number 28 spot in the Rumble when Lana was unable to compete due to an injury, receiving a great pop. She went on to eliminate two superstars in the match, including Charlotte Flair last to win the Rumble itself. 

2. AJ Styles (2016)


At the 2016 Royal Rumble, the crowd erupted when they saw the words 'I am Phenomenal' as they knew it was one man, AJ Styles. He entered the match at the number three spot.

This was Styles' first appearance on a WWE show since 2002 and his first time ever on a WWE pay-per-view. He would eliminate Tyler Breeze and Curtis Axel before being eliminated himself by Kevin Owens.

1. John Cena (2008)


Arguably the best Royal Rumble return and pop in WWE history came in 2008 when John Cena returned from injury at the Rumble, entering the match at number 30.

After his surprise return, it only took eight minutes and 27 seconds for Cena to win the Royal Rumble, the third-fastest time to date. He eliminated four superstars along the way, including last eliminating Triple H to win the match.

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