WWE News: Daniel Bryan's head was shaved under the ring during an episode of SmackDown

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan shocked WWE fans last month when he returned after a couple of weeks absence at Tables, Ladders and Chairs with a fresh new haircut.

Looking like it was 2010 all over again, Bryan had a buzzcut and no beard as he attacked Bray Wyatt, whose alter-ego - The Fiend - had ripped out clumps of his hair on SmackDown weeks before.

No-one really expected Bryan to change his look, as his hair and beard were very symbolic of the character that gave him his big break in WWE.

Bryan wanted to extend the storyline with Bray Wyatt despite being beat clean at Survivor Series, and he suggested having his beard cut off to strip him of his identity, but he didn't want to do anything to his hair.

But it seems like Vince McMahon didn't give him much of a choice in what his new look would be, as he had barbers situated under the ring during SmackDown on the November 29 episode!

"So, they pulled me under the ring, they've got two barbers there who are in charge of like, getting my beard off and getting hair off so there can be this appearance of him ripping out my hair and all that kind of stuff," Bryan recalled to My San Antonio.

"And we have a minute and a half of TV time left on the live show. And there's also a producer down there, who's saying, ‘We need more hair, we need more hair, we need more hair!’ And it's completely dark under there.

Daniel Bryan has undergone a radical transformation

"We were all so crammed in this little area because there's also like real stuff under the ring that needs to be under the ring. It’s just all in this crammed little area and these guys are cutting my hair and cutting my beard really quick and they're supposed to just to cut X amount of hair off, which wasn't as much as they ended up doing.

But the one guy on one side did a great job. They actually both did a great job considering the circumstances. But one guy just went a little too tight and a little too high.

"And then, after the show, they did their best … they tried after the show for like 45 minutes to make it like not just a shaved head. But that was the best we could do under the circumstances."

WWE fans welcomed the change, but there was one person that wasn't a fan - Bryan's wife Brie Bella!

"As different as it is for my character, I knew I was in trouble, because my wife hates shaved heads," said Bryan.

"She's never liked them, and I texted her immediately after. I said, ‘You're not going like this.’ And her response was ‘What did you do?’ And I know I'm in trouble because she knows that this idea of the beard thing was my idea.

Brie Bella hated Daniel Bryan's haircut, according to the man himself

"So, my idea has led me to this. And I tried to take a couple pictures before I FaceTimed her, but none of them were good. And I was just like, ‘OK, I better just FaceTime her.’

"And then, you know those conversations that you have with your significant other where it's like, they're really quiet and you can just see the anger? This was one of those kinds of things.

"But luckily that happened the day after Thanksgiving, and then I flew home that Saturday, and we had a bunch of family and stuff there, so she couldn't be too outwardly mad. Then after a day or two it blows over. She just gets used to it, and that's sort of how it all went down."

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