WWE News: Kane v Bray Wyatt reportedly being advertised for Saudi Arabia event in February

Kane and Bray Wyatt could be going head-to-head again

The start of 2020 saw the return of Big Show to WWE television, and not long after that his former tag team partner also made a comeback.

After not being seen under the mask since September 2019, Kane made his return on SmackDown, where he talked about the Royal Rumble match, before being interrupted by Bray Wyatt's alter-ego - The Fiend.

After a stare-down between the two, The Fiend was attacked by his nemesis and Kane's former partner Daniel Bryan, who will challenge him for the Universal Championship yet again in a Strap match.

He's not been advertised for the event yet, but PW Insider have reported that Kane will be in attendance at the Rumble in Houston this Sunday.

Whether that is in the titular match itself or if he's going to interfere in Bryan's match with Wyatt remains to be seen, but he could perhaps do both.

It's fitting that Kane's last two appearances have seen him come face-to-face with The Fiend, who is perhaps a bigger 'demon' than he ever was.

Kane's last two WWE appearances have seen him come face-to-face with The Fiend

After Kane saved Seth Rollins from a beatdown from various superstars in September, Wyatt attacked with a vengeance, and he appeared last week on SmackDown from the Firefly Funhouse to state that 'he never forgets'.

That could be callback to Wyatt's first main roster feud, where he took out Kane at SummerSlam 2013 in a Ring of Fire match before he reunited the Brothers of Destruction to take on the Wyatt Family.

It looks like Kane is about to take on Wyatt again though, but this time it'll more than likely be The Fiend he faces.

It looks increasingly likely that The Fiend will take on Kane in Saudi Arabia

Cageside Seats' Rumor Roundup are reporting that local television ads have stated that the two men will get it on at the next Saudi Arabia supershow, which is scheduled for late February 2020.

It's criminal that a firm date hasn't even been announced for the show yet, but it would not be a surprise if the adverts are true - it looked like they were setting something up going off the actions on SmackDown.

It also hints that the feud between Wyatt and Bryan may not be over after the Rumble, or Kane may just be another challenger to his title on the way to WrestleMania.

Time will tell, but is it a match you're looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook or on Twitter!

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