Women’s Sport: Former BDO World Champion Lisa Ashton says PDC Tour card success will allow her to focus on darts

BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships - Day Eight

After making history on Sunday in becoming the first woman to win a PDC Tour Card through Qualifying School, Lisa Ashton claims she will now be able to plan for the year ahead.

“Getting my tour card has changed everything for me in darts,” Ashton said. With question marks over prize money and dwindling attendances, Ashton had been unable to devote her attention to purely Darts. 

“I’ve not got to worry about whether a tournament is going ahead or how much money we will win.”

“Lately with what’s going on with the BDO, some tournaments we know will happen, some we don’t. You can’t plan ahead for 12 months because you just don’t know.”

Ashton won 13 matches against 13 male opponents in just four days. This represents even more progress for the women’s game following Fallon Sherrock’s exploits at the PDC World Championship’s last month. Rod Studd, a darts expert and columnist said Ashton’s success is “just brilliant news.”

“It’s another great step forward for women’s darts and the sport of darts in general, coming hot off the heels of Fallon’s wins at the World Championship which gave it all that impetus and Lisa has now backed it up and moved forward. "

Ashton and Sherrock are just a couple of women’s darts players making a name for themselves. Mikuri Suzuki has won the last two World Championships, beating Ashton on both occasions, whilst 16-year-old Beau Greaves has also caught the eye, reaching the semi-finals this year, despite being the youngest player to ever compete at the World Championships.

Ashton herself is confident that this shows the doors are opening now, and that if women keep going they will eventually get there!

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