Liverpool are statistically the fairest team in all 35 of the European leagues

  • Kat Lucas

Even the most begrudging of rival fans can no longer deny Liverpool are streets ahead of the competition. 

The Reds have made the best start to an English top flight season in history, remaining unbeaten and dropping points in just one game all season. 

The only real criticism of their supremacy – and we’re not saying this is correct, by any means – is that they have had the odd helping hand from VAR along the way. 

Whether that’s Pedro Neto’s goal being disallowed for the most marginal offside imaginable or Trent Alexander-Arnold getting away with a handball against Manchester City, it seems the Gods have been looking favourably down on Anfield. 

However, that’s a fault of the technology, not Liverpool. Nobody can accuse them of leading the pack by unfair means. 

In fact, according to CIES, the International Centre for Sports Studies, the Reds are statistically the fairest team in Europe. 

Yes, that means in any of the continent’s 35 leagues, judging by the number of fouls per game. 

Jurgen Klopp’s side concede an average of just 8.1 per match this season. 

The Football Observatory does note, however, that “this is partially related to the less strict refereeing style in the English Premier League”, with 20.4 fouls given per game compared to an average of 27.2 across the other leagues. 

As a result, several Premier League teams have done quite well; Liverpool, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Leicester, Chelsea, Norwich, Tottenham and Manchester City are all in the top 20. 

As for Liverpool, perhaps we should expect no less given how much time they spend with the ball.

In their recent win over Tottenham, they enjoyed 67% possession and that figure was even higher against Sheffield United (75%). 

It’s also no doubt the result of having the world’s best centre-back in their ranks.

The accolades just keep coming. 

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