WWE News: Vince McMahon has been accused of being drunk and disorderly at Rocky Johnson's funeral

Vince McMahon has been accused of inappropriate behaviour

Just eight days ago, pioneering wrestler Rocky Johnson passed away at the age of 75.

Johnson was the first black champion in WWE history and he was also the father of another iconic wrestling star in the form of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

His funeral was reportedly yesterday, which would have seen some of wrestling's greatest minds come together to commemorate him - The Rock already confirmed that Hulk Hogan was in attendance.

The wrestling world has been mourning the death of 'Soulman' Rocky Johnson

But unfortunately it seems as though there was some inappropriate behaviour from two WWE legends - including the boss himself Vince McMahon.

It was Superstar Billy Graham who first passed comment, in a now-deleted Facebook post where he alleged that former Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson called Johnson a 'motherf***er' before being dragged from the stage, per Ringside News.

Devon Nicholson, a Canadian wrestler and promoter who was once on the books of WWE in their developmental system, then revealed on his Hannibal TV YouTube channel that he had received a text from former WWE Tag Team Champion Harry Smith regarding Patterson and Vince's alleged behaviour.

“I think Vince and Pat were both really strange or they were drunk, or they were a bit of both, probably," Smith's text read, per Lords Of Pain.

"Pat’s microphone got cut off because he was talking so long at the funeral. Pat’s final ending line was, ‘You know, last night I was drunk and I was drinking water or what I thought was in the sink, and then the toilet seat fell on my head.’

Pat Patterson has been accused of inappropriate behaviour at Rocky Johnson's funeral

"Vince said, ‘Rocky Johnson was a great wrestler, but the greatest thing he ever did was marry Ata [Johnson] and Ata had some kids.’

Then he [Vince] walked out of the building. Vince strutted on and off the stage like he was cutting a promo. He looked like he had really shrunk [in size], too.

"Vince and Pat were both completely ‘out to lunch.’ I thought they were drunk but I spoke to Pat and maybe he’s just going senile.”

If all of that is true, and Smith would have no reason to lie, then that is pretty shameful from the pair of them.

Both Graham and Smith have accused Patterson of going senile as well, and at the age of 79 that's completely possible.

It's important to note however that according to Al Rosen, another funeral attendee and friend of 'Soulman' Johnson, said the family were not offended by Vince's speech - but no words about Patterson's behaviour.

We may never find out the full facts of what really happened, but when more than one person passes comment about a situation, there's usually something to it.

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