WWE News: Jerry Lawler wins a 'Title v Career' match at the age of 70 at an indie American promotion

Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Jerry Lawler may be known to the younger generation of WWE fans as just being a commentator, but there was a storied in-ring career before he decided to sit behind the desk.

The King joined WWE in 1992 and became embroiled in a long-term feud with The Hart Family, but he only wrestled sporadically for the company.

After switching his attentions to becoming a full-time commentator, Jerry didn't wrestle much until he became a lot more active inside the squared circle between 2010 and 2012, feuding with the likes of The Miz and fellow broadcaster Michael Cole.

Lawler's last WWE match came in September 2012, where he teamed up with Randy Orton to defeat Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk.

It was later that very same night that Lawler suffered a heart attack when Raw was on the air, and it would be a full year before he would wrestle again as he returned to the independent scene.

Jerry Lawler competing in his last WWE match, back in September 2012

ProFightDB recorded that Lawler wrestled in 11 matches in 2019, which is incredible for a man who turned 70 in November.

His wrestling career shows no sign of slowing down, but he was placed in a 'Title v Career' match this past weekend by independent promotion Championship Wrestling of Arkansas [CWA].

Lawler faced Matt Riviera, a man who he won the TCW Tag Championships with in the past but has been feuding with him for a while, and Riviera just so happened to be the Heavyweight Champion of CWA going into the bout with 'The King'.

And Lawler clearly wasn't ready to hang up his boots just yet, as in-front of a sold out crowd in North Little Rock, the WWE Hall of Famer was victorious, becoming the promotion's new champion.

Jerry Lawler poses with the CWA Heavyweight Championship

To be fair to Lawler, he is still in decent shape for his age, and he still clearly has a passion for taking bumps.

Should he ever decide to retire in the near future, you have to wonder if he'd want that match to be in a WWE ring.

Present day fans might not like the idea, but if he asks Vince McMahon for it, Vince is probably going to give it to him.

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