Disgruntled Arsenal fans form breakaway club named Dial Square FC to protest Kroenke's ownership

Disgruntled Arsenal fans have a vision

With the appointment of Mikel Arteta, the future looks bright for Arsenal. 

The north London side put in a spirited display to draw 2-2 with Chelsea on Tuesday night - despite going down to 10 men early - and their top-four hopes are still alive. 

Despite that, it seems there's a group of Gunners fans that have had enough and have decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Per The Athletic, the disgruntled supporters have formed a breakaway club called Dial Square FC, offering an alternative team to follow.

They aim to play next season in the Combined Counties Football League - the ninth tier of English football - the same division that AFC Wimbledon were formed in 18 years ago. 

Dial Square - a reference to Arsenal's original name - hope to have similar success to Wimbledon and hope to progress through the football league. 

For their first season, the Pheonix club will ground share with Abbey Rangers FC in Surrey, but their long-term aim is to move to Woolwich in south London - Arsenal's original home and build a new stadium there.

The team will play in a burgundy shirt and white shorts, with burgundy and blue socks - another nod to Arsenal's beginnings. 

Some Arsenal fans want to move to Woolwich

Talk about extreme measures. It seems the Arteta era isn't impressing everyone just yet. These supporters, led by lifelong fan Stuart Morgan, are just so upset with Stan Kroenke's ownership.  

"The club has lost its identity in so many different ways," Morgan exclusively told The Athletic

"This Arsenal team - the club, the setup, the stadium - it's nothing like it was in its heyday. It's so commercialised, it's soulless, it's lifeless. It's not Arsenal football club."  

Some fans are so upset with Kroenke's ownership

Well, you've got to respect the effort. But is creating a Pheonix club with the hope of pulling supporters away from one of the biggest in the world a little bit farfetched? Probably. 

We just can't wait to see how Dial Square FC get on next season!  

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