Javier Hernandez breaks down during emotional call to his dad explaining LA Galaxy move

Javier Hernandez has completed his move to LA Galaxy. 

The 31-year-old did spend the first half of this season at Sevilla but has since moved to MLS after making just 15 appearances in all competitions for the La Liga outfit. 

He’s signed a three-year deal that makes him the highest-paid player in America and will kick-off the new season next month. 

Shortly before completing the move, Hernandez called his father to explain his next career step.

The footage of him making that emotional phone call and breaking down in tears has since gone viral. 

Check it out below: 

“It’s almost certain, I’m going to LA. Everything is perfect dad, it’s only that…well, it’s like the beginning of my retirement you know?” The Mexican forward said. 

”We are retiring from the European Dream.

“What I mean is that we’re saying goodbye to a career that we put a lot of effort on. I know you guys feel it and we’re gonna look at the bright side and it’s going to be amazing. 

“But it was 10 years, that’s what makes me nostalgic and cry. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s just saying goodbye to this beautiful experience and to a part of me that’s no longer going to be there.

“Also, this is another dream, it’s different, of course, but it isn’t easy. But we’re going to be closer, I’m going to see you guys a lot more.”

Very emotional stuff. It’s clear just how much football means to Chicharito and his family. 

But the forward’s comments caused controversy on social media, with some claiming he’s been disrespectful to LA Galaxy and MLS by saying it’s the beginning of his retirement. 

Hernandez moved to clarify those comments during his first press conference by saying people misunderstood what he meant. You can watch that below: 

That’s quite the emphatic response. Although we can’t see Hernandez’s retirement really lasting 10 years, he clearly meant no disrespect to LA Galaxy or MLS with his comments. 

In fact, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see him rip defences apart when the league kicks off next month.  

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