Jermaine Pennant removed from Sky Sports News for ‘failing to meet standards’

Jermaine Pennant was removed from Sky Sports News earlier today for ‘failing to meet standards’.

The former Arsenal and Liverpool winger featured on the programme on Friday morning and was discussing the latest transfer rumours.

He was talking about Romelu Lukaku’s move to Inter Milan when his speech appeared slurred and his answers were unclear.

And during the ad break, he was replaced by journalist David Reed.

Football fans immediately jumped on social media and were accusing Pennant of being drunk.

A Sky Sports spokesman told the Daily Mail: “Jermaine Pennant was a guest on Sky Sports News this morning.

“A decision by our production team was made to take Jermaine off the programme before its conclusion because his performance on-air failed to meet our production standards.”

On Friday evening, Pennant responded with a tweet: “I arrived late for Sky Sports, I rushed on set meaning I was flustered hot and not briefed and I’d had a bad night sleep and taken a sleeping tablet. The show decided to replace me – and I respected their decision. Look forward to working with them in future regards Jermaine x.”

And in a statement published by the Daily Mail, he said: “I apologise to everyone at Sky Sports and the viewers for my below-par performance today, the channel have given me opportunities over the past months and I have never let them down like this before.

I’m gutted because only yesterday I had a really good stint on Talksport. There are no excuses here, I am eager to have a career in TV and hope I haven’t done irreparable damage.

“Contrary to speculation on social media I didn’t go out last night, I’ve been trying so hard to be professional over the past period, I’ve let down a lot of people and it won’t happen again. Once again I apologise sincerely.”

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