WWE News: Seth Rollins accused of being racist after posting a mysterious photo on his Instagram


Seth Rollins was forced to explain himself after he was accused of being a racist and a KKK supporter following a photo he posted on his Instagram to help out a friend.

Rollins is one of the biggest superstars in WWE today. Despite being a heel, he's still one of the stronger fan favourites on Raw.

However, the Monday Night Messiah was forced to explain himself this week after he received backlash for a post he made on his Instagram story.

Rollins posted a mysterious photo on his story, which was to help plug a coffee advertising campaign for a friend, The Boy & The Bear Coffee, as they were also tagged in another post.

The former Universal Champion deleted the post not long after, but you can see what the post looked like for yourself further down in this article.


Rollins then deleted the post because fans claimed that the witches seen in the picture were actually Klansmen due to the pointed hats they were wearing.

The Monday Night Messiah then took to Twitter to explain himself as well as respond to a fan who accused him of posting about the KKK.


The fan tweeted: "Seth Rollins was one of the first white athletes to say 'Black Lives Matter' publicly. Y'all know damn well that wasn't the KKK he posted."

Rollins replied: "It was witches....for a creepy coffee thing I'm helping a friend with. My apologies if anyone was confused. F the KKK. F racism."

A lot of fans have since tweeted anti-Rollins comments after the deleted photo made the rounds on social media. Rollins hasn't commented any further about the post since his initial tweets.

In truth, it just looks like a lapse of judgment from Rollins at the time of posting the photo to his Instagram story as it's easy to see how fans might have seen something else.

The Monday Night Messiah is scheduled to be a part of the men's Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble event this Sunday.

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