Twitter thread examines the belief that this season’s Premier League ‘lacks quality’

Liverpool FC v Sheffield United - Premier League

The current Premier League table is a joy to behold for Liverpool fans.

Jurgen Klopp’s men boast a 16-point gap over reigning champions Manchester City and are all but assured of winning their first league title in almost 30 years.

They’re even shaping up to pull it off without losing a single top-flight match all season - a feat only pulled off once before by the ‘Invincibles’ Arsenal side of 2003-04.

Considering the Reds are second only to that famous Gunners team in terms of unbeaten streaks, there isn’t a great deal of debate about the magnitude of their confirmed or prospective achievements.

In fact, most of the discussion stems from rival fans disparaging Liverpool’s imminent return to the summit of English football.

There’s a belief that the quality of the Premier League isn’t what it used to be, with the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United looking more like mid-table battlers than title contenders.

In short, Liverpool are accused of being made to look good.

Frustrated with the lack of recognition afforded to the Reds, one particularly devoted fan has sought to prove the doubters wrong.

Forming his argument in a Twitter thread, @P_Lazaridis has compared the current league standings to the same stage of the 1998-1999 and 2003-04 season.

Looking 23 matches into United’s treble-winning campaign first, he notes that:

“1. United had 20 points than us.
“2. The 2nd-3rd place clubs had 8 and 5 less pts than this year.
“3. The 4th-13th place clubs had 1-2 more pts than this year.

“MUFC's record against the above clubs was W5 D8 L2.”

Now doing the same for Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ season, he says:

“1. Arsenal had 9 less pts than us.
“2. The 2nd-3rd place clubs had 5 and 4 more pts than this year.
“3. The 4th-13th place clubs had 1-2 more pts than this year.

“Arsenal's record against the above clubs was W10 D4.”

Inevitably, VAR also found its way into the discussion.

“This year, rivals are crying "LiVARpool," but the reality is that the balance of VAR interventions for us is one (1) to our favor,” @P_Lazaridis wrote.

“Everyone gets millimeters-wide offside decisions against us, but rivals like to pretend it only happens to them.”

In response, he called upon ESPN’s league table of overturned VAR decisions, which shows Liverpool have only benefitted once from such decisions.

He signed off his cascade of evidence with a final message to anyone who thinks Liverpool don’t deserve to be considered one of the greatest Premier League teams ever.

“So no, rivals. The league isn't meaningfully weaker since your favorite sides did something special of their own,” he wrote.

“It's even less so when you consider the part Liverpool played in making everyone else's points tallies smaller than in 1999 and 2004. Nor is anyone cheating for us.

“In reality, we've outplayed you. We've scored more and conceded less. We've worked harder and refused to give up when others would. Our manager isn't just more charismatic; he out-thought and out-lasted yours. Along the way, we spent less than the clubs whose fans moan the most.”

Irrespective of personal biases, this thread certainly makes you think twice about just how incredible this Liverpool side really are.

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