Dillian Whyte has had quite a rant about Andy Ruiz Jr's eating habits after 'making him an offer'

Andy Ruiz Jr v Anthony Joshua 2 - Clash on the Dunes, IBF, WBA, WBO & IBO World Heavyweight Title Fight

The heavyweight division over the past couple of weeks has appeared to be a bit quieter than what we are used to.

However late this week, heavyweight Dillian Whyte decided to cause controversy by calling out fellow heavyweight Andy Ruiz Jr.

In fact, it wasn’t so much him calling him out – it’s what he said about the Mexican that’s making headlines:

“We made Andy Ruiz an offer, but chocolate’s more important than boxing for him right now so let’s see," Whyte claimed.

"He's done well, changed his life. He made history… Tacos got that brother moving mad.

He had the world at his feet, but he couldn’t say no to the enchiladas.

This is a cheeky dig from Whyte considering he himself has been known to go into fights a little out of shape shall we say.

Whyte’s build is not miles apart from the Mexican heavyweight’s and it is also worth contemplating that if Whyte thinks so little of Ruiz Jr then why is he wanting to make a fight happen?


Although Andy Ruiz Jr dropped his heavyweight titles to Anthony Joshua a couple of months back it mustn’t be swept under the carpet that it was, in fact, Ruiz Jr that was able to defeat AJ – something that Whyte was unable to do.

Ruiz Jr remains the first and still yet only person to have chalked up a victory against the iconic Anthony Joshua; an Anthony Joshua that was far more progressed and improved since his fight against Dillian Whyte – in which Whyte lost.

It is safe to say that Ruiz Jr is packing a few extra pounds and could seriously do with a lifestyle change if he is to stake a claim as a serious bookies favourite in future fights.

Andy Ruiz Jr v Anthony Joshua 2 - Clash on the Dunes, IBF, WBA, WBO & IBO World Heavyweight Title Fight

However, it isn’t like Dillian Whyte is always in peak physical condition either.

A fight between the two would be an interesting one to say the least, it is not known if any further arrangements have been made as yet.

But, provided both fighters took the contest seriously and made a real go of whipping themselves into serious shape, then we might have an attractive fight on our hands!

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