WWE News: Edge comes out of retirement and enters the 2020 Royal Rumble match

WWE legend Edge

He's denied it for months on end, but the rumours were true - Edge is BACK!

After a storied career, the Rated-R Superstar retired from wrestling in 2011 after suffering from terrible neck injuries.

The latter part of 2019 saw rumours circulate that he was looking to be cleared to return to the ring, especially after he hit Elias with a Spear at SummerSlam.

Despite denying that he was returning to wrestling, had been cleared or that he would even be in Houston this weekend, the Minute Maid Park became unglued when 'Metalingus' hit for entrant number 21.

The Canadian rushed out to perhaps the biggest pop in years - and everyone was left stunned!

There were Spears for everyone in that very ring, and Edge secured his first elimination by chucking AJ Styles over the top rope - but it may not have been planned as Styles seemed to be injured after taking a Spear.

Not long after, Rated RKO was reunited as Randy Orton entered the match, and it was like he hadn't missed a step as he threw it down with everyone in the bout.

Edge makes his return to WWE action

Edge was taking all kinds of bumps, and he even came face-to-face with the man that threatened to paralyze him on Raw back in 2014 in the form of Seth Rollins, but the Monday Night Messiah was dumped from the Rumble by McIntyre despite being the final and freshest entrant.

The alliance between Edge and Orton ended when following an RKO tease, Orton went flying over the ropes after Edge double-crossed him, which was well received by the Houston faithful.

His time in the Rumble though came to an end at the penultimate stage, with Roman Reigns eliminating him, before the Big Dog himself was taken out by the eventual winner Drew McIntyre.

This was all about the Rated-R Superstar though, and with the kind of bumps he was taking, there's no doubt that he's healthy enough to return for further matches.

It's doubtful that he will return full-time, but Edge is BACK in WWE, and hopefully here to stay as he's signed a new contract for three years, according to WrestleVotes!

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