WWE News: AJ Styles reportedly injured at the Royal Rumble


AJ Styles reportedly picked up an injury last night during WWE's Royal Rumble event, and he may be forced to miss some time.

Styles entered the Royal Rumble match at number 18 at Minute Maid Park in Houston, but he failed to eliminate anybody from the contest.

The Phenomenal One was eliminated from the match 17th overall by a returning Edge, but he, unfortunately, left the bout with an injury, according to reports.

PWInsider has reported that Styles injured his arm during the Royal Rumble, and the injury occurred right before he was eliminated from the match.

He landed awkwardly on his left shoulder after taking a spear from Edge, and he came up holding his left arm, which appeared to be dangling, before he was then eliminated. 

A referee stepped up to the apron to communicate with Edge before Styles was eliminated.

Several officials and medical personnel immediately attended The Phenomenal One and he was examined upon returning to the backstage area.

He was later seen backstage with his arm all wrapped up and iced up.

Styles is now undergoing tests to determine the severity of the injury and how much time, if any, he will need to spend away from the ring. The man himself has not commented on the injury.

WWE fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that The Phenomenal One doesn't have to spend much time away from the ring, especially since WrestleMania season is now in full swing.


It's unclear as to what plans WWE has for Styles at WrestleMania, but it likely would be something big given his name and status.

Since he was eliminated by Edge in the Rumble, it wouldn't be surprising to hear the two are set to face each other later this year at the Showcase of Immortals.

Fingers crossed The Phenomenal One isn't out of WWE action for a long period of time with this unfortunate injury.

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