WWE News: Randy Orton attacks his former tag team partner Edge on Monday Night Raw

Randy Orton hits a Con-Chair-To on Edge

On Sunday night, the rumour mill proved to be correct as 11-time WWE world champion Edge made his return to the ring.

The Rated-R Superstar defied medical science to return from a neck injury, almost nine years after hanging up his boots.

And Edge showed he was better than ever, hitting Spear after Spear inside Minute Maid Park, and at the age of 46 looked in the best shape he'd ever been in.

The beard was a little greyer, but it was still the same old Edge, and he lasted until the final three of the Royal Rumble match, where he was eliminated by Roman Reigns.

Just a couple of minutes prior, he had thrown Randy Orton over the top rope, after Orton himself teased hitting Edge with an RKO - something the Canadian would come to regret.

Edge made his first appearance on Raw as an active superstar since 2011 last night, and in that segment he teased a whole lot of potential matches.

Edge returned to Monday Night Raw last night

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Matt Riddle - all names that were on Edge's potential matches down the line, but it was an old flame that came out to interrupt him, and that was his former Rated RKO tag team partner Orton.

To the delight of the San Antonio crowd, Orton suggested that the two get the band back together one last time, but just moments later, Edge was dropped with a devastating RKO.

Orton then slammed a steel chair into the back of Edge, whilst he held his surgically-repaired neck to sell the effects of the beatdown The Viper was giving him - but there was more to come.

It looked like Randy was thinking about bringing The Punt back as he stood in the corner, but instead he got more steel chairs, sandwiched one under Edge's head, took another chair and delivered a vicious Con-Chair-To.

It's the first kind of head shot we've seen in WWE in a long time, and the company are clearly not leaving anything out when it comes to this feud.

Orton has been flip-flopping in his character for a while now, but these actions cement him as perhaps the most hated heel in the business right now.

With Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia just over four weeks away, it looks like Edge's return singles match against Orton will be in Riyadh, and not at WrestleMania.

Just know one thing - wherever Orton goes now he is going to be booed into oblivion, and if this brings back the sick, warped Orton from 2009, absolutely no-one will be complaining!

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