WWE News: Amazing stats from this year's Royal Rumble


With the 33rd Royal Rumble now in the books, with the help of What Culture, we take a look at some the strange, impressive, and new records that were achieved last night.

Most victors to compete in the same Royal Rumble

Sunday’s Royal Rumble featured more previous winners than ever before - if the Greatest Royal Rumble winner is included.

The most recent edition of the competition included eight winners: Brock Lesnar (2003), Rey Mysterio (2006), Edge (2010), Roman Reigns (2015), Randy Orton (2009 & 2017), Shinsuke Nakamura (2018), Braun Strowman (GRR) and Seth Rollins (2019).

Despite all these previous winners, none were able to improve on their current records when a new winner was crowned in Dallas in Drew McIntyre.

Least amount of people to achieve a single elimination

This year’s Rumble had the fewest amount of people who earned eliminations, with only eight men managing to throw someone over the top rope.

This is mainly due to the success of the first overall entry Lesnar, who achieved an impressive 13 eliminations. He was ably deputised by Drew McIntyre, who made six - including the all-important final removal.

Edge (3), Seth Rollins (3), Roman Reigns (2), King Corbin (1), Braun Strowman (1) and Randy Orton (1) rounded out the competition. This means that more than half the eliminations were recorded by just two men.

Longest time without three entrants in the ring at the same time

Brock Lesnar’s escapades meant that this year’s Rumble went 25 minutes without having three official participants in the ring together.

The match was a one-on-one contest - with Lesnar able to eliminate each competitor before another entered - until Strowman joined him and Keith Lee in the ring.

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Most participants to enter without achieving an elimination

Strowman, Lee and Lesnar achieved another record during their stint in the ring.

Before the Universal Champion and ‘Monster Among Men’ teamed up to eliminate Lee, it had been the most participants ever not to achieve a single elimination.

Women’s Royal Rumble has a higher proportion of NXT stars

The women’s Royal Rumble achieved a new record last night when no less than 12 NXT stars appeared in the ring.

NXT has gone from strength to strength - even achieving a Survivor Series victory last year. However, it shone itself in another spotlight when more women from NXT than any other brand entered.

Although the men’s Rumble only featured two NXT stars - Matt Riddle and Keith Lee - the women’s almost had an NXT winner as Shayna Baszler was the final elimination that saw Charlotte Flair crowned winner.

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Shayna Baszler and Bianca Belair tie for elimination record

Although the women’s Royal Rumble has only been running three years, this was still a significant achievement for two NXT stars.

Both women managed to eliminate eight opponents each - beating the previous record of five held by Michelle McCool - although neither woman was able to go the distance, it still shows the faith that can be shown in them moving forward.

Shortest time to lose a Rumble record

As mentioned previously, Belair achieved a record for eliminations last night. However, that is not the only thing that she produced.

A much less flattering statistic also belongs to her as she became the fastest loser of a Rumble record ever.

When ‘Queen of Spades’ Baszler entered, she quickly caught Belair’s record that stood for just 15 minutes in total.

Lesnar breaks men’s elimination record for Rumble

During Lesnar’s tear of the roster, he managed to eliminate 13 superstars, which surpassed the record set by Roman Reigns in 2014.


Controversial this one considering Strowman also achieved the same number at ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’. However, he also had 10 extra people to throw over, so it’s fair that Lesnar’s effort is heralded.

Two is Roman’s favourite number

Roman Reigns finished runner-up...again.

This latest outing means that Reigns has now finished in the second position no fewer than four times.

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, Roman has now achieved this feat more than double his closest challengers: The Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and John Cena - all of whom have managed it twice.

On the other hand, it means that Roman has never finished lower than third-place - not a bad achievement.

Britain’s first winner

Only six people not from north America have ever won the Royal Rumble and none of them, before last night, were from Britain.

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McIntyre won last night, and he hails from sunny Scotland.

Baszler is the queen of speed

Baszler’s eight eliminations in four-and-a-half minutes, giving her an elimination rate of one opponent every 33.75 seconds, broke records as well.

If she had entered at number one and kept that pace up, she would have eliminated everyone in just over 16 minutes. For comparison, Lesnar was achieving an elimination on average every two minutes until Strowman.

Natalya joins the club

Although Ms Neidhart didn’t manage to achieve victory in the Royal Rumble, she can certainly come out with her head held high.

Natalya joined a group of ever-shortening women who have competed in every Royal Rumble - the number is down to just 10.

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She also managed to set the record for most time in a Royal Rumble ring, adding 14 minutes and 43 seconds to an impressive 1:21:35, giving her a grand total of 1:36:18.

This number is 20 minutes clear of Charlotte Flair, who is the closest competitor.

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