Manchester United fans filmed outside Ed Woodward's house

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The further Manchester United have fallen in recent weeks, the more their fans have ramped up their campaign against the Glazers' ownership. 

Ed Woodward is their man at the helm, and many feel he bears the biggest responsibility for decimating United since 2013.

It's perfectly legitimate to criticise the 48-year-old, but some alarming footage began to circulate on Tuesday night of the chairman's home being attacked with flares.

A video captioned 'Ed Woodward's gonna die' (which has been chanted regularly at Old Trafford in recent weeks) shows at least one man in a balaclava hurling projectiles at the house at around 8pm. 

The Sun report that a mob of around 20 people, some from the notorious 'Men in Black' firm, gathered outside the Cheshire mansion and rang the intercom. 

Red paint was then sprayed over it when nobody answered before a smoke bomb was launched inside the grounds and a firework thrown at the house itself.

The news was then confirmed by other journalists, including The Mirror's Simon Mullock, the M.E.N's Samuel Luckhurst and The Telegraph's James Ducker. 

Man Utd release statement 

United have now released the following statement: 

“Manchester United Football Club have tonight been made aware of the incident outside the home of one of our employees.

"We know that the football world will unite behind us as we work with GMP to identify the perpetrators of this unwarranted attack.

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"Anybody found guilty of a criminal offence or found to be trespassing on this property, will be banned for life by the club and may face prosecution.

"Fans expressing opinion is one thing, criminal damage & intent to endanger life is another. There is simply no excuse for this."

Gary Lineker tweeted: 

"If this is genuine then it’s absolutely disgusting. The man has young twins, FFS."


This isn't the first time the vitriol aimed at Woodward has gone too far. BBC commentator Ian Dennis recently condemned supporters after the 2-0 home defeat to Burnley for singing:

"Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the Glazers on the top. Put Ed Woodward in the middle and we'll burn the f***ing lot." 

"Ed Woodward's gonna die, how we'll kill him I don't know..." has also been doing the rounds this season. 

Dennis described the songs as an "absolute disgrace to sing that about a human being". 

Fortunately, Woodward was not present at the Burnley game. 


While he has made serious errors, among them spending over £600 million on transfer fees (much of it wasted) and making four successive misguided managerial appointments, this is undoubtedly going way too far. 

It may be very difficult to track those in the footage, but it's been positive to see a backlash on social media. 

Right-minded United fans have been disgusted with their fellow 'fans' for the disgraceful scenes. 

The only consolation is that, per these reports, Woodward and his family were not at home during the incident.

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