Twitter thread goes to extreme lengths in an attempt to prove Liverpool are 'doping'


If Liverpool beat West Ham tonight, they will have registered wins against all 19 Premier League opponents this season.

To achieve that feat in January is quite astonishing.

Of course, Jurgen Klopp’s side have only failed to win one match this season - away to Manchester United - and could stretch their lead at the top of the Premier League to 19 points with victory at the London Stadium tonight.

And they look set to smash Manchester City’s record of 100 points on their way to claiming their first ever Premier League title.

The transformation Klopp has made since his arrival in October 2016 has been quite astonishing.

However, there are a few bitter rivals fans that think the incredible improvement over the last few years isn’t genuine.

Step forward Twitter user @messi1_ali.

With FCB (Barcelona), Messi and Pep in his Twitter bio, ‘Ali’ clearly isn’t a big fan of Liverpool.

And he’s gone into incredible detail to try and prove that this Liverpool side is ‘doping.’

The thread begins: “Is this Liverpool a great side or are they doping? Interesting information to take into consideration.”

What follows is quite hilarious…

He starts off by pointing out that all the players are given a special drink after every match and suggests that they starting taking this at the start of last season.

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Liverpool’s ability to run ‘non-stop for 90 minutes’ is then questioned with a series of articles and graphs showing how they compare to other sides. The timing of one article published by Liverpool journalist Paul Joyce is apparently dubious with ‘Ali’ saying: “Perhaps fear inside Liverpool HQ that they might well be cheating and are concerned the public might start asking questions?”

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Then come the graphs...

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One of the standout comments from the thread is: “Take the Performance Enhancement Drinks (PEDs) away and they're an average side!”


This guy really thinks that post-match shake players drink is really full of performance-enhancing drugs!


“How long till Klopp or someone else is in Armstrong's chair?” he asks.


He concludes the thread by looking at running stats from two seasons ago. It's as if players can't get fitter in the space of two whole years under Klopp...

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It’s slightly worrying that this fan genuinely believes that Liverpool are doping and has gone to great lengths in an attempt to prove it.

The sooner fans accept the fact that Liverpool are just an incredible side and are on their way to the Premier League title, the easier it will be for them.

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