Women's Sport: Katie Sowers on her place in Super Bowl history

At the media event for Super Bowl LIV, the LA Times reports Katie Sowers was just as popular as the star players who will be playing in the match.

It’s not surprising. With a week to go, Sowers was written into the history books with her team the San Francisco 49ers qualification for the final. The reason? She will now be the Super Bowl’s first woman and openly gay coach.  

This is Sowers fourth NFL season and her third with the 49ers. When fielding questions she said: “In order to dream about something, you’ve got to see it.”

“You have to know that it exists. You have to know that it’s out there. That’s what’s important.”

Reflecting on her dreams when she was younger, Sowers said: “This is not what I thought of when I was writing a journal about being a coach, knowing I wanted to be a teacher, a coach or a counsellor.” She added: “This was not it. But it’s part of my path. It’s part of what brought me to where I am. It’s changing lives. So I’m happy to be here.”

From her comments is clear that Sowers wants to use this platform to fight for greater equality. She said: “We don’t just need women fighting for women.”

“We need men fighting for women. We need straight people fighting for gay people. We need white people fighting for black people. We need people who are different from us to join together to create change.”

She also praised Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco’s head coach. “It really just takes someone who’s open-minded to the idea of trying something different, something they’ve never seen,” Sowers said. “I’m blessed to have Kyle as one of those coaches.”

Despite the historic moment, she is at the centre of, Sowers primary focus is still the game: “As surreal as this is, I have to focus on that job. Being the first female and getting all this publicity … it’s being visible to younger women and everybody really. But the most important thing is making sure I’m not the last.”

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