Every Premier League club's worst social media moment

Social media has brought us even closer to footballers.

We can interact with them with ease and see how they react to each and every result.

Many footballers use social media effectively and have been trained on how to do so.

But some haven’t always taken that training on board. That has led to some rather incredible social media moments down the years.

As a result, ‘The Irish Guy‘ has posted a video on HITC Sport’s YouTube page looking at every Premier League club’s worst social media moment.

Some of them are pretty hilarious. Some of them are shocking.

Arsenal | Granit Xhaka’s wife locks Instagram account after receiving death threats

When Unai Emery substituted Granit Xhaka against Crystal Palace in October, he couldn’t possibly have predicted the implications. Arsenal fans booed, Xhaka told them to ‘f**k off’ and then he was stripped of the captaincy.

Then for some ridiculous reason, it led to Arsenal fans sending his wife, Leonita Lekaj, death threats. How is it a fan’s next logical step after seeing one of their players underperforming to threaten to kill his wife?

Aston Villa | Joleon Lescott ‘Pocket tweet’

Who can forget this iconic social media moment?

Aston Villa were left stranded at the bottom of the Premier League after being humiliated 6-0 by Liverpool.

But Lescott didn’t appear to care too much and, after the match, tweeted an image of a Mercedes in apparent response to criticism from fans.

It was quickly deleted before he followed it up with a rather hilarious explanation. “I would like to add the tweet sent out from my account involving a picture of a car was totally accidental it happened whilst driving and my phone was in my pocket.”

Worst. Excuse. Ever.

Bournemouth | Simon Francis photoshop

Simon Francis is a Bournemouth legend helping the Cherries rise from League One to the Premier League. However, in December, the social media team decided to try and photoshop their captain onto Steve Cook when tweeting out their line-up against Chelsea.

Could they not just line it up properly?

Brighton | Salty tweet after Liverpool loss

We think the Irish Guy may have mistaken a Brighton fan account for Brighton’s official account here…

Burnley | Andre Gray’s homophobic tweet

Well, this is pretty disgraceful. It may have been eight years ago but saying that gays make him sick and wishing for them to burn and die is absolutely disgusting.

When the tweet was discovered, he was banned for four games by the FA.

Chelsea | Jadon Sancho celebrating Chelsea’s Champions League win

After Chelsea won the 2013 Champions League, Sancho tweeted “Champions of Europe, we no who we are!!!!!! Chelsea.” However, he’s since claimed that Twitter account doesn’t belong to him.

So, someone made a Twitter account and impersonated a 12-year-old Jadon Sancho? Hmmmm.

Crystal Palace | Wayne Hennessy’s Nazi salute

To be fair, Hennessy only “shouted at the person taking the picture to get on with it” and “put his hand over my mouth to make the sound carry”. It just happened to look exactly like a Nazi salute – something that the Crystal Palace goalkeeper had never heard of.

Everton | Fabian Delph’s argument with fan

After Everton’s defeat to a weakened Liverpool side in the FA Cup in January, fans were rather angry. A few of them called out Fabian Delph on Instagram and the midfielder responded. But he wasn’t exactly in the mood to reason with the fans and decided to insult them instead.

Leicester | Hamza Choudhury’s historic tweets

A few of Choudhury’s tweets back in 2013 and 2014 came to light last year.

One criticised women’s football, saying: “That has to be the worst advert sums up women’s football to be honest.”

One had racist references: “Why are black people so fast. Because the slow ones are in prison,” he wrote.

While another read: “Sorry but I don’t feel sorry for people who self-harm or commit suicide.”

He’s since apologised and shown remorse for his tweets, which were sent when he was 15 and 16 years old.

Liverpool | Konchesky’s mum takes on the fans

Paul Konchesky’s Liverpool career hadn’t started well when his mum thought it would be a good idea to take to Facebook to blast the “Scouse scum” for “living in the past” and suggest that her son “should never have left Fulham.”

One friend responded by telling her to ignore “dirty Scousers” and “clueless morons” while another said: “The Liverpool scum don’t know class when it hits them in the face.”

Konchesky didn’t last much longer at Anfield.

Manchester City | Totti has never scored in England tweet

Why, City? Why?

Hours before City’s Champions League clash against Roma, they decided to tempt fate by tweeting: We’re looking forward to hosting you @OfficialASRoma, and a legendary player such as Totti. He’s never scored in England, has he? #CityvRoma.”

Of course, Totti scored as Roma drew 1-1 at the Etihad.

“City’s tweet? It really brought me luck,” Totti said afterwards.

Manchester United | Darron Gibson’s two-hour Twitter account

Back in 2011, Gibson opened a Twitter account. What could possibly go wrong?

Within hours, the Irishman had deleted his account after a series of abusive messages from United fans.

“You are an abysmal excuse for a footballer. You’re a one trick pony – a s*** one at that. What Fergie sees in you I do not know…” one read.

Another wrote: “Nothing would make me happier than if we sold you this summer.”

Oh dear.

Newcastle | Haris Vuckic’s selfie on the way to New Zealand

Two Newcastle fans were tragically killed on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 while flying to New Zealand to see their side play in pre-season tour.

A day later, the Newcastle players were making the same journey when Haris Vuckic decided to tweet: “New Zealand!! Here we come!! @PaulDummett preseason!! SleepTime.”

It was quickly deleted and replaced with: “My apologies if anyone was offended by my photo from the plane. No offence was intended. We are thinking of John and Liam. #RIP #NUFCfamily”

Norwich | Todd Cantwell admitting he’s an Arsenal fan

This probably isn’t too bad but Cantwell tweeted in 2014 “So glad I’ve stayed loyal as a ARSENAL fan! #ballers.”

He could probably do a job at Arsenal right now to be fair.

Sheffield United | Dean Henderson’s argument with Sheffield Wednesday fans

During last season’s Sheffield derby, Henderson was subject to plenty of abuse by the home fans at Hillsborough. It continued on social media with one Wednesday fan accusing the goalkeeper of “being scared” in the second half and then “giving it large” after the 0-0 draw.

Henderson replied: “I was terrified, please stop calling me names it hurts my feelings.”

The fan replied: “Seem to recall you giving it big at Rotherham? Not fancy it at Hillsborough?”

To which Henderson said: “You’re boring mate! I turned up did my job and left and enjoyed the banter. Let me tell you if we scored it would have been different. I don’t celebrate 0-0.”

Henderson then promptly deleted his Twitter account.

Southampton | Player masks

Every Southampton fan was given a mask of a player ahead of their’ penultimate Premier League game of the season against Swansea back in 2014.

It looked horrific.

Tottenham | Darren Bent calling out Daniel Levy

Darren Bent didn’t exactly hide his identity with the Twitter username ’db10thetruth.’

He created it to call out Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy for not allowing him to leave for Sunderland. In a series of tweets, Bent wrote: “Seriously getting p***** off now. Why can’t anything be simple. It’s so frustrating hanging round doing jack s***.

“Do I wanna go Hull City NO. Do I wanna go stoke NO do I wanna go Sunderland YES so stop f****** around, Levy. Sunderland are not the problem in the slightest.”

Bent got his wish a month later.

Watford | Gary Lineker’s Marco Silva tweet

When Watford sacked Marco Silva in January 2018, Gary Lineker tweeted: “Absurd decision, in my opinion, by Watford to fire Marco Silva after his first bad run. He’ll be snapped up very quickly and Watford will almost certainly get someone less talented.”

Watford waited a whole year to reply but with the club flying under Javi Gracia in January 2019 as they sat in seventh, they retweeted Lineker and wrote ‘This aged well…’

It angered Lineker, though, and felt that the tweet disrespected Silva.

And then Watford chairman & CEO Scott Duxbury got involved and tweeted from the club’s official Twitter account apologising and suggested the social media person in charge might also be getting the sack!

West Ham | David Gold welcoming Obiang with a photo of Ogbonna

In 2015, West Ham’s co-chairman David Gold announced the club’s new signing – Pedro Obiang – with the image of on-loan Juventus defender, Angelo Ogbonna.

Oh dear.

Wolves | We all love big Willy

When Willy Boly netted a late equaliser against Newcastle last season, Wolves’ Twitter account admin decided to go with the caption: “We all big Willy.”


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