Liverpool officially sell the cheapest pints of beer in the Premier League

Following a Premier League club can take a serious toll on one’s bank balance.

Fans in every corner of the world cough up hundreds, even thousands, of their hard-earned cash to watch their team play either in person or via broadcast.

For the 2019/20 campaign, the price of a single adult season ticket at a Premier League club ranged between £320 to £1,995.

Even those who prefer to watch from the comfort of their home were expected to pay a staggering £900 in subscriptions to UK providers.

Overseas supporters can get cheaper deals, but the costs still aren’t mere pocket change.

The life of a Premier League football fan isn’t getting any cheaper – especially when you factor in additional costs.

While there isn’t a great deal that clubs can do about transport fares, they can control the price of food and drinks in their respective stadiums.

As is the case for tickets, top-flight clubs differ in the amounts they charge for snacks and beverages.

So, when it comes to fuelling up at a Premier League match, where does the best value lie?

Well, we have the answer for pies, tea, bottled water, soft drinks, hot food, crisps and a pint of beer.

Starting with a pie, Chelsea demand a stinging £4.60 at Stamford Bridge, while Burnley charge the lowest in the division at £3.

Brighton are the only Premier League club that charge less than £2 for a cuppa; Arsenal, Leicester and West Ham top the list at £2.60.

A bottle of water will set you back £2.50 at five different clubs, while Crystal Palace and Bournemouth offer the cheapest at £1.50.

You’ll pay £2 for a bottle of soft drink at Tottenham, though fellow London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal want £3.30.

The Gunners also serve the most expensive hot food in the top-flight at £5.70; Norwich offer the cheapest at £3.50.

Liverpool is home to the cheapest pint of beer in the Premier League at £3.90, whereas Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham want £5.30.

Take a look at the full breakdown of food and drink costs in the Premier League below…

No wonder fans often complain about being priced out of attending games.

Costs are evidently higher in London, though the five clubs in the capital clearly aren’t the only offenders.

Modern football has been expensive for a while, but it shouldn’t be unaffordable.

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