WWE News: Matt Hardy believes 'age is irrelevant, talent is what's relevant' in WWE


Matt Hardy has argued ‘age is irrelevant, talent is what’s relevant’ when it comes to WWE as he approaches his potential exit from the company.

Over the past couple of weeks, Hardy has been used sparingly, if at all, on Monday Night Raw as his contract is almost up in WWE.

Hardy’s contract with WWE is set to expire on March 1, and there has been no indication that he will sign a new deal with the company. He has teased he will be leaving the company after this date.

On his recent Thoughts from the Throne episode, Hardy gave his thoughts on the debate between a wrestler's age versus their talent.

Hardy argued that no matter what a wrestler's age is, if you can still go in the ring, you can still contribute to a show in some sort of way.

He said, via Wrestling Inc: "Something I've seen recently online, probably wrestling Twitter more than anywhere else, should old guys beat young guys? Or should the young guys, the young talent always beat older talent or the veterans?

"It comes down to this—age is really irrelevant. If you can still go in the ring, if you're still entertaining, and you're still good and you have a lot to contribute to the show on a full-time basis—age is irrelevant, talent is what's relevant.

“If you're talented, you should be utilized to the best of your ability."


It’s a shame Hardy will likely be walking away from WWE in a month’s time, as it’s quite clear that he still has a lot to give in the ring, and WWE themselves never used him to his fullest capability.

WWE didn't capitalize on the 'Broken' persona as much as they could have. Their 'Woken' version didn't connect with the fans in the same way and it wasn't pushed as hard as previous incarnations of the character.

Hardy is much better than a superstar that's being used just to enhance pushed performers. He's probably one of the best creative superstars in the entire WWE.

As a result of his underutilization in WWE, when Hardy’s contract expires, he is expected to sign a deal with AEW.

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