WWE News: WWE posts a behind the scenes video of their iconic Super Bowl commercial


WWE has posted a behind the scenes look at their iconic 1999 Super Bowl commercial on their social media accounts.

During the height of the Attitude Era in the late 1990s, WWE purchased a commercial for during 1999’s Super Bowl to promote its programming.

The advert involved several superstars from the Attitude Era walking around WWE’s Titan Tower while chaos took place around them.

Some of the biggest names in the company’s history were featured in the ad including The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, The Undertaker, Kane, Chyna, Triple H, and Vince McMahon himself.

To celebrate the advert, WWE posted a behind the scenes video on their social media accounts yesterday, the day of Super Bowl LIV.

The video shows the work put in by the superstars and the production crew on the day to make sure the commercial was perfect for the Super Bowl.

They showed off how most of the stunts were performed including the big finale where a man jumped out of the windows high up on Titan Tower.

Two decades on, I think it’s fair to say they did a fantastic job.

It would be great to see WWE replicate something like this today with the superstars of Raw, SmackDown and NXT.

Imagine Roman Reigns spearing King Corbin through the meeting room window, or Becky Lynch telling the world how she wants to be a role model while having Bayley in the Disarm Her.

You can imagine other top names like Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Adam Cole, and Rhea Ripley being involved in the commercial too.


It could end up being exactly what WWE needs in order to increase the TV ratings on all three brands, especially for NXT in their battle against AEW on Wednesday nights.

Plenty of superstars were involved in Super Bowl commercials this year, but none of them were as good as what WWE produced themselves over two decades ago.

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