The Premier League's greatest ever teams ranked from 'GOAT' to 'overrated'

Liverpool are officially on course to become the greatest Premier League team in history.

Having won 24 of their opening 25 matches, Jurgen Klopp’s men could win the league one month earlier than any of their predecessors and could become the first side to ever reach 110 points.

That’s not to mention the fact they’re on course to match Arsenal‘s ‘Invincible’ record at the Etihad Stadium and will completely blow it out of the water if they finish the entire season unbeaten.

We could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that the history books are being readied for red ink and comparisons with other legendary Premier League sides are inevitably being made.

Objectively, they’ll be no denying their status as the number one, but does that necessarily make them a better side than Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ or some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s United teams?

Ranking legendary Premier League teams

Hold that thought, because here at GIVEMESPORT, we’ve decided to put the Premier League’s greatest ever sides head-to-head by jumping on the trend of using the website ‘TierMaker.’

We’ve taken the 18 sides that we consider the best of the best and have ranked them in tiers ranging from ‘overrated’ to ‘GOAT’. Check out our final selections down below:


Manchester United (1998/99)

Look, put the pitchforks down for a second. United’s treble winners are one of the worst Premier League champions in history – only two teams have won with fewer points – but that’s not why they’re celebrated in the first place.

They’re legendary for the fact they won the Champions League and FA Cup in the same season, not because they had a great year in the league and that is our only concern in this particular list.

And therefore, lifting the trophy with a paltry 79 points, which Liverpool could match in just two games’ time, is nowhere near as impressive in the Premier League pantheon as some would have you believe.


Leicester City (2015/16)

Arsenal (2001/02)

Manchester City (2011/12)

Blackburn Rovers (1994/95)

Manchester United (1993/94)

Yeh, look, Leicester are by no means the most convincing champions in history, but this is the least we can do for them after combatting 5,000-1 odds to rise from a relegation battle to conquering the world’s most competitive league.

Manchester City’s first winners are similarly worthy of this tier because, despite not collecting the most points or playing the best football, they won it in the most dramatic fashion and against the second best runners-up in history.

Blackburn also deserve a mention for upsetting the United applecart in the 1990s and the Red Devils’ preceding champions take residence here, too, due to their highest ever points tally despite playing in a 42-game season.

Then there’s the 2002 precursor to the ‘Invincibles’, which started to show flashes of impregnability by collecting 87 points, losing just three games and securing the title with a win at Old Trafford.


Manchester United (1999/00)

Manchester United (2010/11)

Chelsea (2016/17)

Remember us digging the knife into the treble-winners? Well, we have to include United’s follow-up team because they’re criminally underrated due to their predecessors, despite winning 12 more points than them.

Similarly, nobody seems to credit Ferguson’s side of 2011 who made it all the way until February without losing a single fixture and were the first United team to beat all 19 of their rivals in a single campaign.

And how quickly have people forgotten Antonio Conte’s champions? The Blues made history with their then record-breaking 13-game win streak and some of the football they played was out of this world.


Chelsea (2005/06)

Manchester United (2007/08)

Chelsea (2009/10)

Chelsea retained their title in dominant fashion in 2006, becoming the first Premier League team to beat all 19 of their opponents at least once and they did so with an ominous points tally of 91.

And how could we not credit the first year in which Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney truly shone for United? 87 points might not be earth-shattering, but their stunning attacking style was enough to beat a Chelsea side that lost just three times.

Speaking of attacking football, Carlo Ancelotti’s Chelsea became the first team to score 100 goals in a Premier League season on their way to the title and won four games by notching up seven goals or more.


Liverpool (2019/20)

Arsenal (2003/04)

Chelsea (2004/05)

Manchester United (2008/09)

Manchester City (2018/19)

A crowded category and we start with the current Liverpool side. You could argue they’re worthy of the very top tier, but we’re not going to jump the gun when they’re the only non-champions on the list…

Then there’s the ‘Invincibles’ who, despite being overrated in places, can’t be considered anything less than legendary for achieving something that hadn’t been done in over 100 years of English football.

But Jose Mourinho’s successors came close and they deserve to rub shoulders with Arsenal – losing just a single game and boasting a record of only 15(!?) goals conceded that may never be beaten.

The 2009 United are also worthy having won more points and games than the ‘Invincibles’, while also making history with an insane 14-game clean sheet streak thanks to Edwin van der Sar and co.

Plus, Pep Guardiola’s defending champions played some of the best football in Premier League history, closing out the season with 14 consecutive wins, and ousting the greatest runners-up in the competition’s history.


Manchester City (2017/18)

Ah, here we are, City’s centurions and the greatest ever Premier League team for at least the next four months. Their romp to 100 points with 32 victories from 38 games was the stuff of legend.

But they didn’t just grind out the results week in, week out, they produced the most remarkable tiki-taka football that had shades of Guardiola’s Barcelona at times. They are the undisputed GOATs.

The full ranking

But they’re all champions (nearly)…

If you’re now as red-faced as the shirts of the current table-toppers, remember that every Premier League-winning team is truly special and we’ve only been so harsh because we’re comparing greats.

Any team that can conquer the most world’s competitive league is worthy of a seat at the table of footballing gods and no ‘TierMaker’ wizardry should ever change that fact.

But for the love of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, winning the treble does not make you historically great in one of those three competitions in isolation. 

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