The 10 most controversial VAR decisions in the Premier League this season

Football fans aren’t happy with VAR, according to a recent YouGov poll.

YouGov surveyed almost 1,500 fans in Great Britain to discover their feelings about VAR following its first six months in operation in the Premier League.

The results are damning.

Just one in 25 believe that VAR has worked ‘very well’ and one in four thinks the technology has ‘worked well’.

On the other end of the spectrum, 26 per cent said VAR has worked ‘very badly’, while 34 per cent feel that is has worked ‘fairly badly’.

And according to 67%, it’s made Premier League matches less enjoyable to watch.

So far this season, we’ve seen goals disallowed because of an offside armpit, goals disallowed for handball in the build-up and penalties not given for blatant fouls.

On the back of the survey, Sky Sports have compiled the top 10 most controversial VAR decisions.

And we’ve ranked them from 10-1.

Let’s take a look:

10 | Sokratis’ disallowed goal vs Crystal Palace

Sokratis thought he’d won the match for Arsenal against Palace but his goal was chalked off for an apparent foul by Calum Chambers in the build-up.

9 | Man Utd’s goal vs Liverpool (foul on Divock Origi)

In the only match Liverpool have failed to win this season, they were convinced Victor Lindelof had fouled Divock Origi in the build-up to Marcus Rashford’s opener. VAR said no.

8 | Trent Alexander-Arnold’s handball vs Manchester City

In the massive title clash at Anfield, City thought they should have had a penalty when Alexander-Arnold handled the ball in the penalty area. Seconds penalty, Fabinho put Liverpool 1-0 ahead. Double-whammy.

7 | Liverpool’s disallowed goal vs Manchester United

Roberto Firmino was the victim of VAR once again as they ruled out his goal vs Man Utd for Virgil van Dijk’s challenge on David de Gea.

6 | Gerard Delofeu’s penalty appeal vs Tottenham

Somehow neither the referee or the VAR thought Gerard Delofeu deserved a penalty for Jan Vertonghen’s foul.

5 | Brighton’s penalty vs Everton

“Certainly no way that was a foul,” said the Sky Sports commentator as Adam Conolly went down under Michael Keane’s challenge.

VAR thought otherwise and spotted Keane accidentally stand on Conolly’s foot. Brighton were 2-1 down at the time and went on to win 3-2.

4 | Roberto Firmino’s offside vs Aston Villa

The first ‘armpit’ offside of the season as Firmino’s goal was disallowed vs Aston Villa. It’s worth noting that the on-field assistant referee had raised his flag.

3 | Gabriel Jesus’s disallowed goal vs Tottenham

Gabriel Jesus thought he’d won the match in injury-time vs Tottenham but VAR spotted the ball glancing off Aymeric Laporte’s hand before the Brazilian scored.

2 | Pedro Neto’s disallowed goal vs Liverpool

Another very marginal offside as Pedro Neto’s goal was disallowed because of Jonny’s foot being fractionally offside in the build-up.

1 | David McGoldrick’s disallowed goal vs Tottenham

McGoldrick was denied his first goal of the season because John Lundstrum’s big toe was centimetres offside in the build-up. Lundstrum was stood on the right-wing when he received the ball.

Ten VAR decision that have left Premier League fans in despair. Of course, officials will claim that the correct decision was made at the end of the day.

While that may be the case, you’ve got to question whether it’s for the good of football to be chalking off goals for ridiculously close offsides and where VAR takes minutes to draw lines to try and find a player offside.

Almost seven in 10 fans think it’s made Premier League football less enjoyable to watch. And that says everything you need to know.

VAR needs to be improved. Get rid of those stupid lines. If you can’t see if a player is onside/offside with the naked eye, the on-field decision should stand. As for disallowing goals for handball in the build-up, that rule simply needs to change.

It will get worse before it gets any better but we can only hope the Premier League take a long hard look at how they’re using it this summer.

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