WWE News: Ronda Rousey doesn't think she will ever be a 'full-time' WWE superstar ever again

Ronda Rousey

Despite signing a three-year contract in 2018 with WWE, 'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey has been missing since last year's WrestleMania.

On that night, she was defeated by Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat match, meaning her undefeated streak was over and she lost the Raw Women's Championship.

Fans have been playing the waiting game for Rousey's return, and with Lynch being champion for nearly a full year now, many though she would have come back by now.

Stephanie McMahon exclusively told GiveMeSport in December that it's a matter of when, and not if Rousey returns to the company.

Instead of Rousey, her friend Shayna Baszler will reportedly take a big match at WrestleMania instead

There were many fans expecting her return to be at the Royal Rumble, but that didn't happen, and she's not expected to be at WrestleMania 36 either - her good friend Shayna Baszler though is reportedly pencilled-in for a match with Becky Lynch.

So you might be wondering, when is Ronda really coming back?

Well she's discussed her WWE future in her latest YouTube vlog - and Ronda herself doesn't even know the answer.

But she's sure of one thing, and that is she won't be partaking in a full-time schedule.

“I don’t know when I’m going to go back," said the former Raw Women's Champion and UFC Hall of Famer.

Ronda Rousey hasn't been seen in WWE since WrestleMania 35

"I know I definitely do want to. But I don’t think I’ll be able to do it in that [full-time] capacity again, I don’t think I’ll be able to put my family through that again.”

Rousey also noted that she learnt that she had to put people over in the company as she knew she was on the way out after WrestleMania, and that she couldn't be selfish even if she wanted to be.

Rousey's dominance of the women's division on Monday nights split opinion between fans, but there's no denying that if she returned, it would majorly strengthen the talent pool.

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