Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo has a superb goal-scoring record since turning 30

Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo has officially turned 35 today.

Ronaldo being in his thirties isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, but there’s something about him moving closer to the big 40 that makes him seem so much older than his form would suggest.

Sure, Ronaldo is world famous for going above the call of duty in training to ensure he’s in peak physical condition, yet even some of the fittest players in the business start tailing off at 35.

This man, however, is cut from a different cloth entirely and is arguably experiencing his best form since moving to Juventus, scoring 10 goals in six games and in nine consecutive Serie A ties.

It really makes you feel that Ronaldo might not stagnate for another few years at least and suddenly those interviews where he’s imagined playing until the age of 40 don’t seem so unrealistic.

Ronaldo’s 35th birthday

But of all the statistics floating around on Ronaldo’s special day, it’s those that isolate his form since turning 30 that really illustrate how he’s redefined athleticism in the beautiful game.

And popular Twitter account @FutbolBible decided to investigate Ronaldo’s goal-scoring record after entering what so many players would regard as the twilight years of their career.

It shows that Ronaldo scored a stunning 43 goals for club and country while 34 years old and has never dipped below 40 strikes between birthdays since kissing goodbye to his twenties.

Ronaldo’s stats in his thirties

You can check out the full statistics down below to see exactly how Ronaldo is proving that age really is just a number for the best of the best:


Just think of how many players would dream of producing those numbers in their prime, never mind when retirement is supposed to be on the horizon.

It’s fair to say those endless hours of fitness work at Carrington and diving into ice baths after Champions League away days with Real Madrid have paid off in the long-term.

GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says

Happy birthday, Cristiano, you truly are a trailblazer. 

I’m predicting that Ronaldo has at least another two years of producing his world-class standard ahead of him and that would appropriately take him up to the next – and likely his final – World Cup.

I thought the decline had already commenced when Ronaldo produced a pretty vanilla debut season at Juventus, but it’s clear now that he was simply adjusting to Italian football.

Now that he has 18 months of Serie A experience under his belt, we’re starting to see flashes of the Ronaldo that steamrolled La Liga for almost a decade.

Father time catches up with everybody, though, so be sure to celebrate Ronaldo while you have the chance to watch him week in, week out at the calibre of football he’ll be remembered for.

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